The All-New Toyota Avanza is officially launched!

A friend of mine (Nigel aka flyguy) drove a Toyota Avanza. Knowing his boisterous ways & highly opinated self, I would have heard all about the car on FB, twitter or his blog if the Avanza was problematic.
The fact that I have yet to hear any complains must have meant something.  :-B

toyota avanza-008

2 weeks back UMW Toyota Motor unveiled the all new Toyota Avanza, the 2nd generation of the popular 7 seater MPV.

toyota avanza-009

Improved and refined in numerous areas, the all new Toyota Avanza is retains the practical, yet familiar design of a small MPV.
Exterior -wise it looked much sleeker, probably due to the curvier lines on the body. The older Avanza was “boxier” to me.

toyota avanza-010

toyota avanza-011

toyota avanza-020

Yes, there was a pronounced rounded corners at both the front and back for this model. The trunk however, is still wide and squarish but functional.

toyota avanza-019

Inside, I would say it’s spacious, comfortable and functional. As how a MPV should be.

toyota avanza-012

toyota avanza-013

 toyota avanza-017toyota avanza-018

As expected, the back row could be  folded down for expanded space.

toyota avanza-024

The all new Toyota Avanza also comes with a selection of recommended accessories that include reverse sensors, body stripes, luggage tray, bag hook, emergency kit and scuff plates on the door sills. Customers can also order their vehicles with a sporty aerokit and standard solar film.

The dashboard.

Not as complicated as some cars I have seen within the same week/day (Check out my BMW/Volvo/Jaguar/Honda Insight posts).  😉
toyota avanza-014

toyota avanza-022

Below: The engine and the car doors.

toyota avanza-015

toyota avanza-030

toyota avanza-031

And of course, I sat in the driver’s seat to get a feel of MPV.

toyota avanza-028

Hhhmm.. apparently the New Avanza has better fuel consumption capabilities too. Well, this can only be put into test during an actual drive.

toyota avanza-005

The new Avanza is available in 4 variants with the following OTR prices in Peninsular Malaysia:

toyota avanza-006

Toyota Avanza 1.5S Automatic – RM 79,590

Toyota Avanza 1.5G Automatic – RM 77,290

Toyota Avanza 1.5E Automatic – RM 72,590

Toyota Avanza 1.3E Manual – RM 64,590

All vehicles come with three years or 100,000 kilometer warranty, whichever comes first.

Avanza Price List Summary-page-1

Since it was open for booking in early December 2011, UMW Toyota Motor has received more than 710 orders and Toyota has set a target of selling 8,800 units of the MPV this year. Currently the all new Toyota Avanza is available at all Toyota showrooms throughout Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak .

From left: En.Ismet Suki, Mr Takashi Hibi, Mr Kaoru Hosokawa at the launch.

toyota avanza-007

I dídn’t walk away with an Avanza but I got a Toyota “key” nonetheless! I’m adding this to my expanding collection of thumbdrives! Thanks Toyota! 🙂

toyota avanza-004

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