Thai Express @The Curve for thai food!

What’s there to eat at The Curve?

It’s funny when there’s a whole street called well, “The Street” that is flanked by eateries offering cuisines from Italy to Germany to Hong Kong and yes, Thailand. But somehow I’m always at loss for dining options whenever I’m at The Curve.

thai express The Curve for thai food

I don’t pay much attention to Thai restaurants. Maybe it’s because my constant travel allows me to eat authentic cuisines at each originating country. I visit Bangkok pretty regularly too so I hardly crave for Thai food.

But that was until I had a forkful of Pad Thai at Thai Express. Wow, not bad! Plump prawns, ample fish and squids, hearty portion for its price and tasty. I’m not a fan of the pad thai sold by roadside carts in Bangkok as they are greasy to a fault (ok, I get it, the “real thing” is supposed to be greasy but NO, I’m not going to eat greasy pad thai) so I very much preferred this pad thai by Thai Express.

Phat Thai TalayPhat Thai with Seafood RM15.90.

Thai express - The curve -002

Slurping on Tom Yum TalayTom Yum Seafood Soup (RM10.90), I happily dug out more prawns and mushrooms to eat with my phat thai. The soup; according to Thai food aficionado Marcus, my dining partner for the day, is as good as the ones he had in Bangkok.

Thai express - The curve -001

A bit of greens/fruits for fibre is a must. Yum MamuangThai Mango Salad was our starter. For RM8.90 it turned out to be a share-able portion for 2.

Thai Express, the Curve-002

But the next 2 dishes are firmly on my “must-order” recommendations. If you like century eggs then Kraphoa Gai Kai Yeow Maa; Stir-fried Minced Chicken with Thai Basil and Century Egg (RM9.90) goes very well with a bowl of fragrant steamed rice. This is very tasty; and slightly spicy to remind you gently that this is a thai dish after all.

Thai Express, the Curve-004

On the streets of Hatyai and Bangkok you’ll encounter stalls on the roadside selling grilled/fried food. Meat skewers and fried chicken are the 2 most popular ones.

Thai express - The curve -005

This dish known as GaI Op PattayaThai-style Roasted Chicken Thigh (RM12.90 ) reminds me of eating fried chicken in Bangkok. Of course the taste is not entirely similar (and this is roasted btw), but it just trigger memories of buying a chicken thigh from the stalls and eating it while roaming though the streets in Thailand. For the price you are served a whole chicken drumstick and thigh, juicy and wonderfully aromatic from its marinade. The condiment at the sides are redundant, but do dip your chicken in them if you wish.
Did I lick my fingers? Oh yes I did. 🙂

Thai Express, the Curve-003

Drinks to douse tongues on fire – Nam Kluay SupparodThai Ice-blended Pineapple with Banana (RM7.90) and Thai Chendol with coconut ice cream (RM7.90). Both sweet and thick with its promised flavour/fruits.

Thai Express, the Curve

Marcus needed his mango sticky rice so we added an order of Thai Express’s mango sticky rice. I was too stuffed to breath while he pronounced it “very good!“.

Khao Niao MamuangSweet Glutinous Rice with Fresh Mango and Coconut Milk (RM9.90).

Thai express - The curve -006

Personally I thought that the prices paid were not bad for the taste, portion and location. I was there during lunch time but I didn’t have to wait very long for my food. Also, Thai Express has recently launched their new menu and some of the items I sampled are their new exciting additions. One dish meals (noodles, congee and rice) are available from RM13.90 and above so that’s perfect for lone diners and couples while individual dishes of greens, chicken, fish for sharing would be ideal for a family lunch or dinner. Their menu features almost 50 – 70 dishes so I trust there’s something for anyone.
The menu shared below are just a few pages from the thick menu! 🙂

ThaiExpress Malaysia Menu-012

ThaiExpress Malaysia Menu-010

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