Restaurant Purnama Cahaya, Section 17, PJ – Tender lamb chops & banana leaf rice!


It was one Sunday morning; one of my favourite kinds really, with breezy weather plus the Sun paper AND American breakfast, when I got distracted by this article in Sun Metro.

Since my pancakes were burnt & left a bitter taste in my mouth, I shoved the article under someone ‘s nose & demanded to be appeased by tender, melt-in-your-mouth lamb chops.

He sighed; “Where is it?”, waved for the bill while I called Lingam for directions and we were on our way in 5mins flat! Wheeee!!
(now if only he is so accommodating most of the time; heck, who goes to Woolley foodcourt for food when you are in Ipoh??? pliithhhh…)

It wasn’t hard to find, for him at least, but for me; I was at a complete lost. Ah well, that’s what GPS are for right?

Restoran Purnama Cahaya,
Jalan 17/10, Petaling Jaya.
Tel: Lingam 012-6769310.
Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

GPS Coordinates:
N 03 7.335′
E 101 38.11o’

The restaurant is large and really clean! Unlike most mamak outlets, this one doesn’t reek of grease and errrr… sweat ;p

Restoran Purnama Cahaya

Tucked away in a nice quiet area of PJ, we enjoyed our meal fanned by the cooling breeze from its surroundings.
Their staff are most charming and helpful, always smiling and working briskly to serve their patrons. And most of their patrons here are regulars, judging by the manner they place their orders and their demeanor while moving around the restaurant.

The rave-worthy lamb chops were indeed deserving of its title. Really tasty & with its curry thick and aromatic; both of us agreed that this ain’t No Powdered Mix crap.

The lamb at Restoran Purnama Cahaya

Our Banana leaf sets below at RM4.50 each. The chicken curry was as good as advertised – tender bite-sized pieces infused to the bone with flavour. Marvelous!

Banana Leaf rice at Purnama Cahaya

I had no problem with the vegetables served with our BLR sets, though I personally preferred the yogurt cucumber thingy at Kavitha’s.

Best part is – the food is cheap!
Our meal of 2 sets of banana leaf rice, 1 BIG chunk of lamb that had to be shared by both of us & a plate of chicken curry only came up to RM17.00
So the break down is RM9 for BLR, RM8 for the lamb and chicken curry.

This place is a good choice for its Banana Leaf, and I would say even worth a trip just for its rice & curry dishes.
Affable Lingam was seen chatting with his customers & overseeing the cooking of the dishes while we were there that day. Indeed, he is still very much hands-on in the daily operations of his restaurant, & thus ensuring the quality and consistency of the food.

That alone got me hankering to return again, this time for its fish head & perhaps his famous roti canai? Imagine that drenched in his great prepared- from- scratch curries!

I’m SO glad tomorrow is a holiday!!
Time to go EAT EAT EAT!!