Tanjong Jara Resort (Dungun, Malaysia) – Resort Reviews

After the bumpy and long 5 hours ride in the Volvo XC60, I was grateful to see the signs that says “Tanjong Jara”.

I was so excited that though I saw the signboard, I missed the entrance; and had to make a u-turn! To my defense, the entrance to the resort is pretty well concealed.

Around Tj Jara Resort 1

A gong sounded upon our arrival, and we were served a cold drink and handed a cold towel.


Trust me, a cold towel never felt so good before. Rahayu, the PR personnel welcomed us personally and Peter, the GM swung by with warm greetings.

All in all, I was embraced with much care and hospitality the moment I stepped into the resort. Seeing how frazzled I was, Peter suggested a quick massage by Dewi, which effectively loses my headache and injected me with a refreshed bout of energy.

Tg Jara Resort - RebeccaSaw (2)

Not surprising, since Dewi’s credentials reads: Dewi Hopley – 1) Clinical & Holistic Aromatherapist 2) Massage Therapist & Neuroskeletal Re-alignment Practitioner.
Now, how I wish I know someone like her in KL. That calls for a weekly session!

Luggage left at the good care of the resort staff, I was escorted to my Tg Jara “home” for the duration of my stay.

Mine is the Serambi Room,  situated on the ground floor of a double storey unit (where the corresponding room above would be similar in setting, but named Bumbung instead).

Tanjong Jara Resort - Serambi Room

Each Serambi room is 55 sq metres in size, and has a king-size bed plus a spare single bed.

Tanjong Jara Resort - Serambi Room-001

Tanjong Jara Resort - Serambi Room-024

The personal messages left in the room curled a smile on my lips. Such intimate touches, and thoroughly welcoming.

Tanjong Jara Resort - Serambi Room-015

Tanjong Jara Resort - Serambi Room-014
Tanjong Jara Resort - Serambi Room-025

I wanted to sink into the bath tub or onto the bed immediately, but the blogger in me insisted a full photshoot and a video before the luggage are even allowed in.

Tanjong Jara Resort - Serambi Room-023

Tanjong Jara Resort - Serambi Room-016

So yes, please do watch the video ok? :DD

Tanjong Jara Resort: Serambi Room

Pictures are a great, but only a video can depict the layout and space of the suite where still images lacked the capability to show.

I love the spacious indoor bathroom with two separate vanity units, separate bath and toilet. A partially covered verandah overlooks the tropical gardens and further to that, I can see the sea!

Tanjong Jara Resort - Serambi Room-013

Tanjong Jara Resort - Serambi Room-006

Tanjong Jara Resort - Serambi Room-008

Tanjong Jara Resort - Serambi Room-010

I don’t know about you, but I prefer separate shower room and toilet facilities in the vanity area.

Tanjong Jara Resort - Serambi Room-011

Tanjong Jara Resort - Serambi Room-007

Tanjong Jara Resort - Serambi Room-012

As per the norm, basic amenities were provided.

Tanjong Jara Resort - Serambi Room-019

While most of us tend to ignore hotel toiletries, just like myself, the ones at Tanjong Jara Resort are of quality and I enjoyed using them.

Tanjong Jara Resort - Serambi Room-020

For your soak, bath salts are provided, just like the ones in JW Marriot, KL.

Tanjong Jara Resort - Serambi Room-021
Back in the room I started setting up my work station. Ok, maybe it’s not approriate to call it  “work”  but I appreciate the 2 (yes TWO!) writing desks provided.
Both has its own electrical sockets and lamp. In a welcome basket on the bed, an additional 3 way extension plug was provided.
Tanjong Jara Resort - Serambi Room-002

WIFI, on the other hand, was spotty. As befitting of a property owned by the YTL group, the entire resort is “powered”by YES 4G. I find better connectivity at the lobby and Di Atas Sungai Restaurant.

Not a problem for me, since that means I’ll hole up in the room less and explore the grounds more.

Below: From the front entrance leading into the room.

Tanjong Jara Resort - Serambi Room-003

LCD TV with ASTRO channels (limited of course) but no DVD player. You can use the USB to plug in your thumbdrive for movies if you wish.

Tanjong Jara Resort - Serambi Room-017

The King sized bed faces the TV directly.

Tanjong Jara Resort - Serambi Room-001

Below: Walkway to the dressing area, with wardrobe, safe, dressing robe and mini bar as well as the coffee making amenities.

Tanjong Jara Resort - Serambi Room-004

Tanjong Jara Resort - Serambi Room-005

Tanjong Jara Resort - Serambi Room-018

The Bumbung Room, which is just a floor up boasts of similar layout and furnishing.

tanjong jara - bumbung room (4)

tanjong jara - bumbung room (6)

Yes, it is identical!

tanjong jara - bumbung room (10)

tanjong jara - bumbung room (7)

tanjong jara - bumbung room (9)

tanjong jara - bumbung room (8)

tanjong jara - bumbung room (1)

However being on the first floor, the entrance to the room is via a stairway behind each double unit. This also ensures privacy for both lower and upper occupants.

tanjong jara - bumbung room (2)

Likewise, instead of a verandah, each unit has its own private balcony.

tanjong jara - bumbung room (5)

The last is the Anjung Room.

Situated along the beachfront, these 10 single-storey beach rooms are 88 square metres in size each.

tanjong jara - anjung room (20)



Each room is furnished with a king-size bed, as well as a sofa bed.

tanjong jara - anjung room (4)

tanjong jara - anjung room (7)

The overall area is roomier and the layout much more comfortable with larger breadth just for the workdesk alone.

tanjong jara - anjung room (6)

tanjong jara - anjung room (5)

A lover of sunlight and wind by nature, I’m smitten with the amount of sunlight and air circulation that the Anjung Room has. Pictured below is the “separated” dressing area, with exclusive vanity units on the left and right of the whole room.

tanjong jara - anjung room (17)

Below: View from the dressing room into the bedroom. Compare this to the view in the picture above which is taken from the bedroom facing towards the dressing room to get an idea of the layout.

tanjong jara - anjung room (16)

So coming “out” from your bedroom, you will walk down a few steps into the dressing area. The door ahead opens out to a symmetrical sunken outdoor bath that sits in its own private garden.

Now, you tell me you don’t find this sexy??

tanjong jara - anjung room (12)

I would love to soak in bubbles right under the sky in the open air! Yes, unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) I’m not your typical modest Asian. :DD

tanjong jara - anjung room (11)

Again, there were large partitioned shower room and toilet.

tanjong jara - anjung room (14)

tanjong jara - anjung room (13)

Here’s additional pictures of the vast dressing room, complete with wardrobe and all.

tanjong jara - anjung room (10)

tanjong jara - anjung room (9)

The doors and windows open out to a canopied verandah looking over the beautifully landscaped tropical gardens and sea.

tanjong jara - anjung room (1)

Guys, check out their Resident’s Package at Tanjong Jara Resort which starts at RM799 nett per night per room, and it includes daily breakfast, lunch and dinner with complimentary coffee, tea and mineral water served during meals for every night of stay. You can read more about it in the PDF attached. :DD

Tanjong Jara Resort
Batu 8, Off Jalan Dungun
23000 Dungun, Terengganu, Malaysia
GPS: N 4º 48’ 35.10”, E 103º 25’ 23.65”
Tel: +60 9 845 1100
Fax: +60 9 845 1200
Email: [email protected]


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