Swich Cafe Publika : Afternoon High Tea Set for 2 – RM55+

I have written so much about Swich cakes (and I still have about another 8 cakes more to go in draft) that I don’t think I need to go into details about each of Swich components in this high tea set.

swich cafe publika - high tea for 2 RM55-003

I’ll just sum up Swich high-tea sets as:
1. Value for money since sharing with 3 pax is possible as each item comes in a pretty big portion. Moreover, most high tea sets in town are about RM55++ – RM75++ for 2 pax but Swich’s only RM55+ (service tax)
2. Quality cakes and pastries that are frankly a notch (or two) above in comparison to many other high tea sets for the price paid- ie : Ben’s, Ritz Carlton’s, Delicious, etc
3. Other than the puff pastry and the tea (which wasn’t bad since it’s at least not Boh tea) which I thought could be improved, I do not have any other complaints. Given a choice, my preference goes to Ronnefeldt teas.

Swich high tea

Order process:
1. Select your tea. The tea menu is on the table.





We had a Chocolate Flake one which was pretty good, a light smoky cocoa flavour bouquet the clean tasting flavour of the tea.

2. The bottom tier of carbs; ie the sandwiches are fixed. You know those expensive tea sets you get at hotels that gives you tiny finger sandwiches with a smear of tuna or egg or a thin slice of local cucumber? Well, none of that nonsense here!
We got delicious egg sandwiches and chicken rendang yesterday, both of which was very generously stuffed with fillings. The tuna puffs were very much below par though.

swich cafe publika - high tea for 2 RM55-007

3. Select a cake from the ones on display; and at any one time there are about 8 – 10 varieties available. We requested for the Hummingbird Jackfruit Cake which was marvelous.

swich cafe publika - high tea for 2 RM55-005

4. The rest on the 2nd tier are fixed – pavlova, slice tea cake (which is rotated and yesterday it was lemon butter cake but we swapped it for avocado cake instead) and brownies. The brownies were pretty dry as it was exposed for a while on the counter. We did gave our feedback to Cheng Cheng.

swich cafe publika - high tea for 2 RM55-004

swich cafe publika - high tea for 2 RM55-006

5. The top tier – cranberry scones with fresh cream and homemade cranberry jam.
The scones were pretty dense and I prefer my scones fluffy. Depending on your preference, you may or may not like it but I can assure you it won’t be as terrible as some of the ones sold in bakeries – dry, crumbly or hard.

swich cafe publika - high tea for 2 RM55-002

Each item are assembled upon order so do be patient as the service staff prepares your order. The scones have to be warmed up, the pavlova piped with cream and adorned with passionfruit puree plus strawberries, the bread toasted and sandwiches are made on the spot so do allow about 20 minutes for your scrumptious tea set to arrive at your table.

This tea set is only available on weekends from 3 – 6pm. Do stalk them on FB – http://www.facebook.com/Swichfinefood just in case there are any changes.
Happy weekend everyone! :DD

rebecca saw swich cafe

PS: Where else can YOU recommend for me to go happy afternoon-teaing?
Afternoon high tea at Harrods KLCC RM150++ for 2 pax – I saw a blogpost on it but I think it’s not worth the price.
Afternoon high tea at Shangri-la Hotel KL RM55++ per set – Same thought as above. 

Swich Cafe Publika
Red Bridge (right above Celcom Blue Cube)

swich cafe publika - high tea for 2 RM55-001