Sushi King Rice Burgers in Malaysia! Choose from Salmon, Chicken Katsu, Yakiniku and more!

Long after many had missed the iconic rice burgers of MOS Burger and after years of having to travel out of Malaysia for our rice burger fix, Sushi King took the plunge and bought back the beloved rice burgers for us!

sushi king rice burgers

The current offer is in 5 variants with 3 being seasonal (limited time only) and 2 being permanent fixtures on the menu. Prices ranges from RM6 for the Chicken Katsu to RM10 for the Saba Teriyaki.
All in all I thought the prices are justified with the quality and portions.
The saba teriyaki one was particularly good, thick and fleshy and well marinated so there wasn’t any fishy undertones at all.

Saba Teriyaki Rice Burger (RM10) or RM16 for the set as pictured below.

rice burger sushi king malaysia-007

Another one to watch out for is the new Salmon Wasabi Rice Burger (RM9). The topping of Japanese Wasabi stem is prickly hot yet a bit sweet. It is nothing like the usual wasabi at all; which makes it rather interesting as it imparts an entirely different dimension of taste to the overall burger.

rice burger sushi king malaysia-003

Below: The unique Japanese Wasabi stem topping.

rice burger sushi king malaysia

The flame grilled salmon belly melted in the mouth and I wished there were more than just 2 slices in between the soft rice cakes. All of their burgers came with lettuce and sauce so they weren’t difficult to eat (just in case you’re thinking that it might be too dry).

rice burger sushi king malaysia-004

I thought the rice cakes were just of the right density too; soft to chew yet it retains its shape to keep the fillings in place. However, it’s not meant for much manhandling as it breaks apart easily if you shift it around your hands too much.
Anyways, you’re supposed to put the burger into your mouth and eat, not play with it right?
Personally for me I’ll be more concerned of the texture in my mouth rather than how it held up in my hands.

rice burger sushi king malaysia-008

The Chicken Katsu, Salmon Rice Burger and the Beef Yakiniku was just alright for me; both having crowd-pleasing fillings which made these 3 variants pretty fool-proof/safe orders.

rice burger sushi king malaysia-002

rice burger sushi king malaysia-001

rice burger sushi king malaysia-005

rice burger sushi king malaysia-006

Besides the new rice burgers, Sushi King introduced the new Pumpkin Tenpura which will be available throughout the month of May and June. This and the miso soup is an add-on for RM6 if you purchase any of the rice burgers.
I would recommend the add-on as I don’t think a single burger would fill any moderate to large appetite diner up, but heck, for RM6 why not add on ANOTHER burger instead? 🙂

sushi king rice burgers promo

Salmon Wasabi (RM9), Salmon (RM8), Saba Teriyaki (RM10), Beef Yakiniku (RM7) & Chicken Katsu (RM6).
Both Beef Yakiniku & Chicken Katsu Rice Burger will be permanent items on the menu while the other 3 is only available until the end of June.

Last but not least, remember to take a selfie with the Rice Burger and stand a chance to win the Grand Prize of RM300 dining vouchers from Sushi King! Just hashtag #skriceburgerselfie for your Instagram photos and follow Sushi King on Instagram @sushikingmalaysia.

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