Surviving Melaka Homestay – with my HTC Desire.

I was shortlisted by Tourism Malaysia as one of the bloggers for the Melaka Homestay Programme at Parit Penghulu recently.
I have to admit that when I agreed to participate, my idea of the homestay was at some Baba Nyonya Peranakan house RIGHT SMACK in the middle of Malacca town. I pictured myself walking around Jonker St, gorging on the local fare (courtesy by Tourism Malaysia πŸ˜‰ ), being served home cooked Nyonya delicacies by my foster parents & participating in beading, traditional embroidery & pineapple tarts making classes.
Imagine my horror when I saw the itinerary & realized that the homestay is at some twilight area of Sg Rambai/Parit Penghulu (where the hell is that??) !!!

Short of pulling out at the last minute (which isn’t my style) I resigned myself to 2 days of drudgery & boredom.

Well, as of now, (1st night here) I’m happy to report that the trip wasn’t that bad so far, and the bunch of bloggers that came along was an easy-going bunch :yes:
I have to thank my lucky stars too that tech blogger FriedBeef happened to be in the group; as well as Android fan flyguy729!
Haha..we just ignored the (at some parts) boring itinerary & talked about iPhones, Androids, free apps & blogging!

Since there are some interesting activities, I decided to capture those moments using the video camera of my HTC Desire and share it on my blog since I will be writing about this trip anyway.

1st up is a video I took of the decades old, TRADITIONAL, actual lived-in (not the display versions in museums!) village house I had to stay in during my homestay programme.

Video 1: My foster parent’s house

Length: 3 min 52 secs
Size: 44.8MB

Frame width: 640
Frame height: 480

Frame rate: 15 frames /sec
Data rate:1606 kbps


* 5 megapixel color camera
* Face detection capability
* Auto focus and flash
* Widescreen photo capture
* Geotagging

There are numerous controls available on the HTC Desire so one could have better control of the photos/videos’ outcome.

However, do note that the max/min of these controls are understandably limited.
1. Exposure: One can adjust the brightness
2. Image properties: Contrast/Saturation/Sharpness
3. Effect: None/Grayscale/Sepia/Negative/Solarize/Posterize/Aqua
4. Settings: White Balance/ISO/Resolution/Widescreen/Storage/QualitySelf Timer/Geo-Tag/Metering Mode/Review Duration/Flicker Adjustment/Auto Focus/Face Detection/Shutter Sound/Time stamp/Grid/Reset to Default

My video was shot on maximum Brightness‘, neutral Contrast/Saturation’ and maximum Sharpness‘. White balance was ‘Auto‘ (cos I’m taking the video from broad sunlight outdoors to inside of the house) & Resolution is set at ‘Fine‘.

No editing, resizing etc were done at all. One was because the video quality seems fine. I mean, what do you think?

Two, I do not know how to edit videos! πŸ˜‰

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