Super Delight Dim Sum House @ Aman Suria – really good dim sum!

For me, this is one of the better dim sum house around the area of PJ, Tropicana and Aman Suria.

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Newly opened, it has amassed quite a following in its short period of business. The reason is apparent. The dim sum is tasty and it is not too expensive.

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I find most, if not all (or at least for the ones I have sampled) of their dim sum really good, well prepared and wonderfully fresh.

Let’s start with my favourite; the porky Char Siew Pau (RM1.70 ). The buns are soft but the texture wasn’t as fluffy as those in hotels. But for its price, I’m certainly not going to complain.

super delight (7)

Especially since the filling is quite substantial too, unlike some joints where it’s mostly thick gravy and oily bits.

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RM4.80 – Char Koay Kak.
I like my carrot cakes fragrant with “wok-hei” (smoky charred flavour from the heat of the wok) and non-greasy. Thus I don’t agree with the blackish ones sold at night markets and hawker stalls.
The one I like, is as exactly as below; dry, generously fried with crunchy bean sprouts, with big thick carrot cakes and eggs.

super delight (2)

Siew Mai – RM4.30. Big in size and meaty. No cheating with chunks of pork fat here. Good stuff!

super delight (9)

Prawn Dumplings – RM4.30.

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I hate it when my prawns are coated with a layer of flour under the dumplings skin. The ones here has a bit of coating but it’s not thick so it was acceptable. And each fat dumpling was stuffed with fresh, bouncy prawn meat under its translucent skin.

super delight (5)

Same goes for the Chee Cheong Fun we ordered. The rice sheets wasn’t as silky and smooth as I would have liked but the soy sauce and chilli plus the copious amount of prawns between its folds made up for it.

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And yes, there’s copious amount of prawns in between its folds. You do get your money’s worth!

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Another must-order for me during a dim sum session is steamed fish balls. The ones here, as you would have guessed by now, was good, with decent fishy flavour and a very homemade feel.

super delight dim sum house, aman suria-016

super delight dim sum house, aman suria-020

Some of the Yong Tau Foo offerings, including the stuffed brinjals and chillis was very well prepared as well. Again, in comparison to other joints, you get substantially a fatter chunk of fish meat in your yong tau foo.

Super Delight Dim Sum

We tried the porridge as well.

Super Delight Dim Sum-003

Flavourful, smooth gruel teeming with pork meat and century egg.

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Though I avoid fried items during my dim sum sessions for obvious reasons, the Sui Kow/Fried Gouza – RM4.30 was really worth the calories! Again, it was the filling; a good blend of vegetables, meat, prawns that made it so nice. As you can see from below, the sui kow is plump with very little excess skin at the corners.

super delight (3)

I didn’t eat so many items in one visit of course! These were accumulative from numerous visits and the good food prompted my return again and again here.

One time, I dropped in for lunch and tried their roast fowl.

super delight dim sum house, aman suria-014

I loved the duck, slow braised with a marvellous (though subdued) herbal aftertaste. That sets it apart from the usual roast duck. The roast chicken was commendable as well; with the usual prerequisite fundamentals of tender, moist, etc all present.

Super Delight Dim Sum-002

One of my favourite is this – Mussels, Pork and Prawn “dumpling” in a shell.

Super Delight Dim Sum-004

Juicy meat paste with one whole mussel. Delicious! 🙂

Super Delight Dim Sum-005
Lastly (or at least for this post!), we liked the steamed pork ribs & lor mai kai as well. Actually there was nothing that I felt a need to complain about. I can’t remember all the prices, but it was reasonable considering the location, ingredients & portion.

super delight dim sum house, aman suria-002

super delight dim sum house, aman suria-005

Below: The lor mah kai was packed with ingredients; sizeable chunks of chicken meat, mushrooms, pork and preserved sausages.

super delight dim sum house, aman suria-006
I washed it all down with hot, fresh soya – RM2.00 (not the bottled kind mind you!) since I don’t drink tea.

super delight (1)

And oh, the sauces are not bad either.

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This has been my regular dim sum joint recently. I prefer it over Hong Kee or Jin Xuan anytime. I personally thought it triumphs over Yuan Garden at SS2 and Key Hiong at Taman Megah too!

super delight dim sum house, aman suria

super delight dim sum house, aman suria-003

Super Delight Dim Sum House @ Aman Suria (same row as Wong Poh and Super Aroma Crab Seafood Restaurant.
20, Jalan BM 1/2, Taman Bukit Mayang Emas 47301 Aman Suria.

So if you’re in PJ, head here for dim sum and if you’re in KL – do try Tuck Cheong at Pudu! 🙂

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