STROOPWAFELS in Malaysia!!

I first heard of “Stroopwafels” from wmw’s post and being a dessert-holic, as expected I got curious and did a little research on the internet.
Apparently the closest place to Malaysia for your stash of this diabetic-inducing, glucose – high snack is in Hollandse Club, Singapore.

Alas, my last trip to Singapore was somewhat rushed, and I didn’t manage to buy it then.
So that ended my short -term curiosity with Stroopwafels. Or so I thought.


Stroopwafels originated from Netherlands and each waffle is made up of two thin layers of batter with caramel like syrup filling in the middle.

The technique to eat them is to put one over a cup of steaming hot unsweetened coffee/tea so the gooey caramel within liquidize slightly from the heat whilst absorbing the fragrance from coffee steam.

Thick goo-ey caramel...


My liaison with Stroopwafels was revived recently when I got to know Mandy, who enjoyed them so much that now she imports them in so that she could continue to indulge in them.
Not a fan of over-sweet stuffs, I didn’t buy a pack for my own consumption, but as close friend’s birthday pressie (& yea, I was hoping for a trial piece from b’day girl’s pack but I think she finished ’em already!).

Then came a sudden invite from Mandy herself, for an Afternoon TÊte-Γ€-TÊte, & a chance to appraise the other varieties that she had bought in as well.

So here I am at Coffee Ritual, in section 14 on a Saturday afternoon.
Relaxed, a cup of steaming hot green tea on the table.


We started with the below since I love digestives biscuits and the crumb does look as if they were digestives.
Due to its thicker crumb, it counters the sweetness better compared the rest that followed.

JUMBO – Caramel Syrup filled Cookies.


Koeken – with passion fruit, apricot & peach.
This provides a different aftertaste, as it is more marmalade – like, for the lack of a better word.
Good for those bored of plain ‘ole caramel syrup.


The Minis (25 pieces x 1.5inch rounds) – 1 Pkt at RM32.00, 3 Pkts at RM86.00.
This scores points in my books for it’s rich buttery aroma.
Sweet yes, but that’s Stroopwafels for you.


Kanjers, comes in individual packs of 3, 12 packs per box.
I liked this the least. It is akin eating a butter cake & then discovering that it is actually made with planta.
The caramel within is overwhelmingly fake – saccharine sweetness and the wafer itself lacks the buttery aroma that I expect of Stroopwafels.


The Original (10pcs x 3inch diameter rounds) – 1 roll at RM30.00, 3 Rolls at RM78.00.


This is the least “spiced“.. just sweet unadulterated caramel. Well balanced with the buttery wafer. To me this was the best of the lot. Not that I am a fan of stroopwafels.

Daelmans, with comes with the “prettiest” packaging. Great as a Christmas pressie right?

the rest

A cross in between Kanjers & BakkerJoop in terms of taste.
Ah well, I’m tired of describing so that will be my verdict!
(hey..its the same thing ok, imagine being asked to describe 5 butter cakes from 5 different bakers…how many different adjectives can i use???)

Generally, the caramel within is all melted and gooey after a short stint with the coffee/tea cup. Due to its thick caramel filling, the thin wafer didn’t remain crisp.
Somehow, I detected a bit of “spiced” aftertaste with each stroopwafel but I’m not sure if its just me.
But look at this, perhaps there was spice after all?


And yeah, we had this as well; Speculaas which are also known as spiced biscuits.
The moment Mandy said “spiced”, my immediate reaction was “It’s ok, no need to try“. ;p
Sorry, a personal preference really, I dislike biscuits with spices of any sort.


I am done with stroopwafels for now and for those of you who would like to buy or have been looking high and low for stroopwafels, Mandy’s contact is as below.
She will advise you on the pricing. The Stroopwafles are flown in using air freight as they have a short shelf life of 2 to 3 months in room temperature and up to 1 year in the freezer.

Mandy Leong
016 357 9333
[email protected]