Sticky, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Old wing

This shop never fails to pull in the crowd even on weekdays. And that reminded me of those J Co hey-days πŸ˜‰

sticky the shop

However, I doubt these people actually make any purchases. They were all much more fascinated watching the making of these yummy candies.
Likewise for myself, I joined the crowd & went click-happy.

The still soft & pliable candy were stretched manually by hand from its original huge shapeless mass. Then they were rolled & left for a while to cool. After it has harden enough, it is cut into little pop- into – the -mouth chunks.


It is then packaged into these little transparent jars & sold between RM13 – 19 each, depending on the flavours.
They have these huge ones packaged in plastic too, though I do wonder who would buy these!


STICKY is apparently a very popular hand made candy brand in Australia; specializing in hand-made, quality rock candy and sugar art.


Each of these rock candies comes with their own colourful design and even have words inside them. Again, I wonder how they “shape” the designs. A colour for the outer layer, inner another colour plus different wordings & shapes within. Yet, the candy is one huge lump of coloured sugar before it was rolled into long sticks.


Taste-wise, they were a ‘lil sourish & not too sweet. Although I am not a candy person, I actually liked them & won’t mind a bottle as the sweets tasted very ‘fresh’ & “non artificial”.

This shop was officially launched on the 7th of November ’09 and the crowd on that day was a huge one as they were giving out free samples. So yeah, free samples + Malaysians = ruckus πŸ˜‰

A thing to note; STICKY takes order for customisation of sweets too. I asked for orange & blue colours, 2 layers & the initials “TNG” inside and was quoted RM730 for 6kg.
I didn’t order it of course ;p, but it is a good option to keep in mind for special occasions like corporate launches, weddings, gift packs & so forth.

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