Starbucks Chinese New Year Beverage & Food – Valencia Frappuccino, Caramel Espresso Muffin and Eastern Sunrise

Starbucks Valencia Frappuccino is Starbucks Malaysia new drink for this Chinese New Year festive season along with Valencia Macchiato.


This sweet and tangy beverage is a new addition to Starbucks’ core Frappuccino. The same goes for the Valencia Macchiato if you choose to have a hot version.
 The Valencia Frappuccino uses sweet Valencia orange syrup blended with coffee, steamed milk and foam. More Honey Valencia syrup drizzled over the whipped cream added to the citrus-y bouquet of the drink.


Made out of Mandarin Orange and infused with Cream Cheese combined with Chocolate Cream Cheese Mousse, Eastern Sunrise (RM9.90) is Starbucks CNY festive cake. While Starbucks is not going to win any points for originality (‘Mandarin orange = CNY = duhhh),  Eastern Sunrise is not going to win any awards for taste either.


In essence it’s an orange mousse chocolate cake. Yes, fancy name but a pretty uninspiring creation really.


The new Espresso Caramel Muffin (RM5.90).got me excited for a bit. If there’s anything remotely decent to eat at Starbucks, it’s their muffins. My favourite is the Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin. The Starbucks Reduced Fat Mandarin Cranberry Muffin (introduced last year in May 2011) comes a close second.


This Espresso Caramel Muffin was decent enoughthough I felt it could do with a stronger coffee essence.


Hhhmm.. nothing really great to shout about for the festive offerings this time. None of the above warrants a re-order for me. Have any you tried the above festive drinks and cakes?

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Starbucks’ Reduced Fat Mandarin Cranberry Muffin & Low Fat Apple & Carrot Muffin.

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