SS2 Wai Sik Kai – Stall 24: RM4.80 PORK Burger + egg!

Another discovery! And it’s an easily accessible venue for affordable pork burgers! :yahoo:

The aunty manning the stall is very friendly. Can’t say the same for the Indian/Myanmar/whatever dude who was frying the patty. Quite an arrogant fella.

Pork burger SS2 wai sik kai stall 24

Anyway, I saw this stall last Thursday while I was scavenging for food at SS2 Wai Sik Kai (food street). It was closed then as half of the stalls here closed alternatively on Tues & Thurs.

Pork burger SS2 wai sik kai Stall 24

Intrigued, I made it a point to come here as soon as I could just for the pork burger. Sunday night was the lucky night 😉

At first glance, the burger looked like any other Ramly burgers. To be fair, it’s priced as such too.

Pork burger SS2 wai sik kai 4

A generic bun was used yes, but it was fresh and soft, unlike the cheaper ones where it’s all crumbly & dry. I’m happy with the condiments & vegetables that came with it. Substantial amount of tomatoes, lettuce & caramelized onions (yea!). Nowadays, Ramlys are just topped with shreds of raw cabbage & some fresh onions right?

Pork burger SS2 wai sik kai 1

The patty is thin. For a small eater, one burger might suffice but for any male, you will need 2 burgers at least. Or you could ask for double patties! Texture wise, it was moist & juicy. I do not think it’s fair to complain further for its price, considering that RM4.80 includes a whole fried egg.

Pork burger SS2 wai sik kai

I’m pretty happy with the burger & I’m looking forward to trying the lamb & chicken one soon! I wish that I was able to interview the aunty, but she was very busy so I didn’t. I’d think that the patties are homemade but I hope to ascertain that assumption soon. Another thing to note is I did find the patty a bit salty (it could be that I have low sodium tolerance) but even UnkaLeong agreed it was “a bit”.

Pork burger SS2 wai sik kai 2

Pork burger with egg
Stall 24, SS2 Wai Sik Kai, PJ.
Closed on Thursdays.

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