Sneak preview: A Day Out in the Honda Freed with Paul Tan & Advertlets Bloggers!

Our team (Team 3) won the best overall team for the “4 Seaters + Ideas” polaroid activity contest!

honda freed - best team

(haha..Ee -Van left earlier but we can’t NOT have him in the winning team pic ritteee…)

Our winning pics:

honda freed - team win


Honda freed - jason chan







Honda freed - leonard foong


The top winning pic that garnered us the votes 😉

honda freed - team winnin pic

Our prizes! One for each of us! Woohoo! :yahoo:

honda Freed - ext HDD win

Our goody bag for the day – Honda Freed Rubic cube, 2 units of EasySafe – a specially encrypted storage “thumbdrive”, pen & the Honda Freed brochure plus a “Picnic Bag” in the car! With bottles of Evians, Gatorade and Red Bull. We are hydrated and charged for the ride ahead 😉 !

honda freed - goody bag
honda - freed USB

Many thanks to Honda Malaysia for hosting us on a beautiful Saturday morning! All of us had a blast! 😉

Next, techical review of the Honda Freed!