Silver Spoon Trattoria @ Wisma Menjalara, Bandar Menjalara, Kepong

I have expected nothing less than stellar food for this session considering that I have been following Ms Jazz’s blog for a while. She is quite a food connoisseur herself, having been out of the country (it does broadens one’s culinary buds right?) as well as a regular patron in most fine dining restaurants.
Her reviews were pretty critical as well as honest. Which brings me to Silver Spoon Trattoria, her very own family establishment. One wouldn’t expect anything less than the best.

For example, the Chef is Chef Ken, who was the same Chef @ Ken’s cafe previously. Apparently he has quite a reputation.

chef ken silverspoon trattoria

And he is famous for his Tiramisu, or so I heard. Well, I find the Creme Brule (RM14) too sweet, the tiramisu (RM16) OK, intoxicatingly infused with alcohol (great for alcoholics) and the Choc Pot (RM15) a perfect medley of flavor and texture (mousse-like) but wonderfully rich. Yes, the chocolate pot is my favourite.

Silver spoon trattoria desserts

Next, the “architecture”. The interior of Silver Spoon Trattoria is beautiful. Classy yet welcoming, refined yet warm. Everything from the lights to the walls was obviously very meticulously designed to be a sight for sore eyes. I couldn’t believe for a second that I am in Menjalara (ok, I got an image of Kepong (deary, old, kampung) that I can’t get out of my head), & this could very well be Changkat Bukit Bintang :yes:Β  .

silverspoon 1

silverspoon 2

silverspoon 3

silverspoon 4

So how is the food?

Truth to be told, I’m no gourmet diner ( I’m a gourmand remember? I eat anything! LOL πŸ™‚ ! ) though I admit I can be a bit fussy.
Even so, I find dinner a tame affair. Everything is, if I may be as bold to say, a wee bit on the bland side. The flavours were not bold enough and lacked the robustness of Italian cuisine where fragrant herbs, fresh produce & premium olive oils reigned supreme.

The puffy Feta & Olive Foccacia was nice, though it is obviously not foccacia. Arrancini (Smoked salmon Italian riceball stuffed with brie cheese) & Deep Fried Mozzarella Cheese – was the Chef’s Special that night & all of us enjoyed it.
I personally find the Prawn & Avocado Stack (RM26) – (Char-grilled garlic flavoured prawns on avocado, onion & tomato salad, served with basil oil) bland, especially the salad. The prawns were fresh of course; but then I didn’t expect anything less! The Stuffed Mushrooms (RM19) – Portobello mushroom filled with fresh bread crumbs, herbs & grilled parmesan cheese was alright.

Silver spoon - feta crisp, portobello, Arrancini , deep fried cheese

Silver spoon - pizza, prawn stack

We all agreed that The Smoked Salmon Pizza (RM26/29?) could do with more salmon while I personally wondered what the avocadoes do for the pizza, tastewise. At this junction, Ms Jazz shared that the dough is made fresh in house & uses fresh yeast. Undeniably, the pizza base did tasted fresh & has a nice crisp to it.

Not much to fault for the Pasta Marinara (RM29) – (spaghetti with seafood, basil, white wine & Napoli sauce) since it was al dente, but the Malaysian tastebud in me would have preferred a stronger tasting pasta sauce. I though that would have made it more “flavourful” .

Top marks goes to the Wild Mushroom Risotto (RM25) – (Vegetable stock, porcini, mushroom & shaved parmesan) . Creamy, intense stock with firm chewy risotto. Simple & satisfying.

Silver spoon - mushroom risotto


Grilled baby Snapper (RM36) – served with lemon and capers sauce, potato & bean salad. The Duck Confit (RM39) – Slow cooked duck leg in its own fat served on grilled polenta & orange campari sauce was the most anticipated main of the night.

I would like to share a bit of what I got off the Internet about Duck Confit. After all, it is not fair to complain about a dish when you do not know how it is supposed to taste like in the 1st place.

Apparently, in its origin, Duck Confit was not a fancy restaurant meal — it was a highly practical way of preserving duck to last through the winter. Cured first in salt, washed, poached in duck fat & then fry or grill the legs in a bit of the fat until they are well-browned and crisp prior to serving; the meat should shred easily; it shouldn’t be too salty & yet remain succulent.

Here at the Silver Spoon, they got it all down pat except for the succulent part.

Silver spoon - red snapper, marinara, duck confit

While the alcoholics rejoiced with Banana (Weihenstephan) Beers (at RM27/bottle), the rest of the non-alcoholics population can rejoice with the Silver Spoon Special (RM15) – Banana, pineapple, orange, strawberry/cherries, lemon & Fuji Island (RM15) – Green apples, sugar syrup, egg whites. Really refreshing & it makes me feel so healthy πŸ˜‰

Silver spoon mocktails

Thank you Ms Jazz & family for inviting us for this wonderful Italian dinner :heart: .

Silver Spoon Trattoria,
1st Floor, Wisma Manjalara,
Bandar Menjalara.
Tel: 6277-0445
GPS : 3.195364,101.632456

A few swigs of Royal Salute (21 years!) to end the night…yea..”this is happy ending”. πŸ˜‰

royal salute