SIBU 2011: Rebecca Saw takes the “fear factor” challenge & eats a live fat sago worm!

In conjunction with the launch of Firefly Airlines inaugural flight to Sibu, I’m now in Sibu for a 3 days 2 nights fam trip!
This is my first ever visit to Sibu, and one of the highlights of my trip was just yesterday morning, during our visit to the largest market in Malaysia The Sibu Central Market.
We managed to buy the infamous sago worms & eat it live!

This is how the worms looked like……….

Sibu, sarawak - live sago worms.08

Sibu, sarawak - live sago worms.59

And this is how YOU EAT IT!

Oh yea!! *thumbs up*
So, any of you had experienced eating it before?? What do YOU think?

For those who have not sampled this “delicacy” before (LOL), would YOU have dared to eat it LIVE?? Would you?? :P

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