Sasha Rowena’s creations at Jendela KL in Starhill Gallery – A Journey Through Time 2010

Luscious colours, imaginative contrasts and unorthodox inspiration give Sasha Rowena’s creations a distinctive flair of their own. What really sets them apart, however, is the strong incorporation of local culture into her designs. Rowena weaves an East-meets-West thread through all her work, fusing contemporary materials and flamboyant colours with traditional influences that give her designs an international appeal.

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Sasha Rowena’s high-end eponymous label carries a variety of accessories ranging from exotic handbags and purses to sleek credit card holders and cell phone covers.

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Her clientele is not determined by age but by attitude – daring, trend-setting women covet these limited designs. The accessories are practical, fashionable and memorable.

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“I love what I do. I hope to build Sasha Rowena into a homegrown powerhouse brand and put Malaysia on the map. I want to have a standalone boutique of my own someday, to have Hollywood celebrities carrying my bags on their arms,” says the up-and-coming designer.

“The brand’s motto is ‘The best of both worlds’ and the philosophy reflects me as a person,” says Rowena. “I studied in Australia and I often travel around the world but I have always been grounded to my Asian roots. It is al­ways about balance. Hence, East meets West!”

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Below: Dato’ Dr James Dawos Mamit, the Deputy Minister of Tourism, during the media tour of Starhill Gallery, with the vivacious Sasha Rowena.

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The law student felt compelled to pursue designing after struggling to find a handbag she liked in local stores. It was during her early experiments with colour palettes and thematic concepts that Rowena was invited by Jendela KL to take part in its CSR program, Artists @ Jendela KL. The 24-year-old’s breakthrough into the fashion industry in 2009 was greeted with thunderous applause and rave reviews as her fusion designs stole the hearts of local and foreign fashionistas.

Sasha Rowena handbags and accessories are displayed at Jendela KL in Starhill Gallery and Shuz in Bangsar Village II, as well as seasonally at the Four Seasons Resort in Langkawi. For more information on the Sasha Rowena brand or the designer herself, visit her Facebook fan page, “Sasha Rowena” or email your inquiries to [email protected].

A Journey Through Time IV will run from 2 to 11 December (10 am to 10 pm) at the Starhill Gallery. The highly anticipated Starhill Gallery Watch of the Year award ceremony will be held on the last day of the event – 11 December – with a show from renowned Australian songstress Deltra Goodrem.

For enquiries about A Journey Through Time IV kindly contact +603-2782 3855 or log on to

PS: That’s not all, I came across these toasty Whooga ugg boots! This would be such fashionable item to own now. Yes, even in Malaysia! You just have to know how to dress them up! I like the 2nd one from right – the purplish one. 😉


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