Samsung Microwave – Dato Lee Chong Wei cooks!

Dato Lee Chong Wei may rule the badminton courts, but can he presides over the kitchen as well?

Well, I didn’t suffer any stomach problems when I had his pizza last week! 😉

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As a brand ambassador, Dato was demonstrating the ease of which the Samsung Microwave Model CE117AE-S can be used to make simple healthy meals. This nifty gadget is great for young couples, hip urbanites –always-on-the-go, and even for college students that are staying away from their parents.

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The microwave comes with the SAMSUNG Crusty Plate for frozen foods such as pizza, baguettes quiches, and chicken nuggets. Add the food after preheating and activate the Crusty Cook button for a crispy base, just like the pizza Dato made!

samsung - lee chong wei - makin pizza

The Crusty Cook Technology.

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Dato Lee Chong Wei & Joel Kau, Senior Chef at Cilantro Culinary Academy making Siew Mai Dumpling & the Seafood Marinara Pizza using the Samsung microwave oven.

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Siew Mai made with full concentration. LOL.

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Other notable features of the Samsung range of Convection Microwave Oven includes:

Samsung’s Triple Heating System (Trio) has three different heating sources – ceramic heater, quartz heater and sheath heater that penetrate food deeply and evenly.

samsung microwave triple heating system

Virtually self-cleaning, Samsung developed an innovative system called “STEAM Clean.” STEAM Clean uses steam power to lift stubborn oil and food residue, leaving your microwave oven wipe-clean in just 15 minutes.

samsung microwave steam clean

An exceptionally smooth Ceramic Enamel interior allows grease and oil to be easily removed from the inside walls. This unique surface prevents surface discolouration.

samsung microwave ceramic enamel coat

Samsung’s Pro Steamer has a stainless steel lid that blocks microwave rays from coming into contact with the food. Food like vegetables and selected cakes are cooked purely with steam, generated by boiling water at the bottom.

samsung microwave pro steam

The lucky Advertlets bloggers with Dato Lee Chong Wei. :yahoo:

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Thanks to Samsung for the opportunity!

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