REVIEW: Pullman Bangkok Hotel G – my Deluxe Room

Frankly after staying at many hotels, there really isn’t a hotel that is absolutely horrifying. Well, at least for me there isn’t. Even for budget accommodations (of which I had my fair share of from my backpacking trips), the basic needs of cleanliness, a roof over your head and a workable washroom are met.

When we pay more, the standards are elevated accordingly. Needless to say we begin to expect more, and with so many hotels to pick from, what motivates the guests to repetitively return to a particular hotel?

BKK Pullman Hotel G Silom, rebeccasaw-045

For me it could be the food (in-house restaurants or the breakfast spread), the service, the amenities or simply, the comfort of my room.

Pullman Bangkok Hotel G on Silom Road prides itself as a “lifestyle hotel”. Lifestyle Hotel is a popular term now, essentially to describe intimate, usually luxurious or unique hotel environment.
These hotels differentiate themselves from the larger cookie-cutter chain of branded hotels by providing personalized accommodation and services/facilities. The term “boutique hotel” or “design hotel” are loosely used here too.

I’m all for unique experiences. Fresh feel, quirky decor, modern art, vibrant colours. These are some of the elements I realized that a hotel would focus on to set themselves apart. For Pullman Bangkok Hotel G, it exudes modernity; vibrant but with muted style and urban funk.

Upon entry, I was torn between my left and my right. On my left was a long top with Macbook Airs and a very bar-like setting. “Whoa, Mac Air? Is that for guests’ use” – was the first thing that popped into my mind. On my right is an urban chic looking lounge and a fat structure of a sumo wrestler.

BKK Pullman Hotel G Silom, rebeccasaw-033

BKK Pullman Hotel G Silom, rebeccasaw-013

BKK Pullman Hotel G Silom, rebeccasaw-022

The lobby is busy busy busy. It was obviously a popular hotel. The hospitality begin the moment my cab drove up its entrance. My luggage was retrieved from the boot and my door opened to a warm greeting of “Sawadee-ka”.

BKK Pullman Hotel G Silom, rebeccasaw-009

I smiled in relief (I’m always glad to reach my hotel after a flight) and after some argument with the cab driver who refused to give a receipt and my change I finally stood at the reception to be checked-in.
Check-in was swift and sweet (as how all check-ins should be) and we were left on our own to locate our room. I was surprised that my luggage was not sent to the room yet and though it would have been nice to be escorted to the room, I guess I shouldn’t expect that in every hotel.

BKK Pullman Hotel G Silom, rebeccasaw-003

All that was forgotten the moment the lift doors opened. I was held spellbound by the large display screen inside. A lover of dance myself, I was transfixed by the dancers’ fluid motions and the beauty of the dance displayed.
The ascent to the 23rd floor was barely felt.

BKK Pullman Hotel G Silom, rebeccasaw-036

It might be a small feature, but we don’t see that in every hotel so for me it was something worthy of mention. Besides, what a novel idea (instead of still pictures) to keep guests preoccupied while they travel the boring ascent/descent from room to lobby or vice versa.

BKK Pullman Hotel G Silom, rebeccasaw-038

BKK Pullman Hotel G Silom, rebeccasaw-039

BKK Pullman Hotel G Silom, rebeccasaw-040

BKK Pullman Hotel G Silom, rebeccasaw-041

BKK Pullman Hotel G Silom, rebeccasaw-042

Mesmerizing right? I stood and kept the lift doors open while I took these shoots with my Sony NEX 3N. The camera captured the moving dancers pretty well!

BKK Pullman Hotel G Silom, rebeccasaw-043

On the 23rd floor I was greeted with clean decor and warm lights at the corridors. But my room elicited another gasp of delight as soon as the door was flung open.

BKK Pullman Hotel G Bangkok - rebeccasaw-029

BKK Pullman Hotel G Bangkok - rebeccasaw-028


1 rebecca in bangkok pullman G silom

Gorgeous, minimal and clean white all around. A sole rug on the ground, no carpets and wooden floor. My deluxe room is one of the 308 deluxe available from the 18th – 26th floor.
It 34sqm in size and with the minimal furnishing it gave us so much space to move around. The overall decor is minimalist with the monotony only broken with a black and white painting in the room.

BKK Pullman Hotel G Bangkok - rebeccasaw-006

Floor to ceiling windows allows plenty of light into the room, something which I love! For those who shy from the sun, just pull the blackouts and curtains over the windows and the room would be in total darkness.

BKK Pullman Hotel G Bangkok - rebeccasaw-002

The view is better at night when the city is lighted up since this hotel is located in the city centre.

BKK Pullman Hotel G Bangkok - rebeccasaw-001

An ipod and iphone docking station sits conveniently on the workdesk. A smart feature of this desk includes power sockets at one side of the desk. A not-so smart thing is that the international sockets were so near to each other that only 1 socket at be used at any one time due to the size of the power point.
Even a small power plug, once plugged into one of the sockets would overlap to the other power point rendering it useless.

BKK Pullman Hotel G Bangkok - rebeccasaw-008

BKK Pullman Hotel G Bangkok - rebeccasaw-010

BKK Pullman Hotel G Bangkok - rebeccasaw-011

BKK Pullman Hotel G Bangkok - rebeccasaw-009

A traveler with many gadgets, I went looking for more powerpoints immediately. Powerpoints beside the bed are my favourite as that allows me to plug in my laptop/iPhone to use while I relax on the bed at the same time.
I discovered the powerpoints located on each side of the lone bedside table (also international so there wasn’t a need for an adapter) so that was another nifty feature of the room that I like.
In addition to that I appreciate the control console with clearly labeled functions so I didn’t have to press all buttons while trying to figure out which button is for which light.

BKK Pullman Hotel G Bangkok - rebeccasaw-007

A chaise chair beside the floor to ceiling window encourages guest to sit back and enjoy the Bangkok city view while sipping a cuppa.  Complimentary coffee and tea making facilities are available, but that’s given for any hotel of this standard. A large TV sits facing the beds. I hate any form of noise when I’m in my room so it was never switched on. In fact I don’t think I ever switched on the TV in any of my hotel stays.

BKK Pullman Hotel G Bangkok - rebeccasaw-004

BKK Pullman Hotel G Bangkok - rebeccasaw-014

The beds are comfortable enough and I appreciate the extra pillow provided at the top of the wardrobe. I didn’t know there was a pillow menu (why is it that most hotels doesn’t make it known?) else I would have asked for firmer pillows. Instead I had to suffer from mild neckache for the entire duration of my stay. At home, I bought special head pillows since I need firmer support for my head.

I ran my eyes over the rest of the area. Ah, a complimentary condom? Not bad. We are in Thailand after all. (I can’t find that picture I took of the condom!)

A full bar plus complimentary coffee and tea sachets.

BKK Pullman Hotel G Bangkok - rebeccasaw-018

Bathrobes. Though why only one was provided while there were 2 bedroom slippers is beyond me.

BKK Pullman Hotel G Bangkok - rebeccasaw-015

BKK Pullman Hotel G Bangkok - rebeccasaw-016

Safe. Hair dryer. Shoe mitt and a sewing kit. Uncommon place for a sewing kit but well at least it was provided.

BKK Pullman Hotel G Bangkok - rebeccasaw-017

I didn’t bring my toothbrush as I had expected a hotel of this level to provide full amenities. Apparently not. Not a problem. Things are cheap in Thailand and 7-11 are everywhere.

The bathroom is spacious for a deluxe, with a separate bathtub and shower room. Bathroom amenities are Roger & Gallet (I’m not familiar with this brand) and all 3 types of towels are provided – face, hand and bath towels.

BKK Pullman Hotel G Bangkok - rebeccasaw-019

BKK Pullman Hotel G Bangkok - rebeccasaw-022

BKK Pullman Hotel G Bangkok - rebeccasaw-023

BKK Pullman Hotel G Bangkok - rebeccasaw-025

BKK Pullman Hotel G Bangkok - rebeccasaw-026

BKK Pullman Hotel G Bangkok - rebeccasaw-027

BKK Pullman Hotel G Bangkok - rebeccasaw-021

Complimentary WIFI is available throughout the hotel and the room, a must for me.

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Thanks to DIAsiaTourism and Pullman Bangkok Hotel G for the comfortable stay. Pullman Bangkok Hotel G is located on Silom Road and it was convenient for me to get to the conference venue as well as to the central shopping district since the BTS station (Chong Nongsi) is a mere 5 mins walk away.

Pullman Bangkok Hotel G - rebecca saw

Rates differs but expect to pay from USD122 per night for the deluxe room. Higher rates expected for the executive and suites, naturally. I’ll be showing the other facilities of the hotel as well as the breakfast spread in a separate post.

From Suvarnabhumi International Airport: 35km (45 mins drive)
Don Muang Airport: 37 km (45 mins drive)

188 Silom Road, Bangkok Thailand 10500
t. +66 (0) 2238 1991 e. [email protected]

Nearest BTS: Chong Nongsi (5 mins walk)

BKK Pullman Hotel G Bangkok - rebeccasaw-032

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