REVIEW: McDonalds (Malaysia) Coconut Pie, Coconut Caramel McFlurry, Coconut Caramel Sundae

This was advertised:

Mcdonalds malaysia coconut pie

This was what I got when I bought them yesterday at McDonalds, The Curve.

REVIEW McDonalds (Malaysia) Coconut Pie, Coconut Caramel McFlurry-005

Now I won’t say I’m an anti-McD person nor am I a fan.

However I love to try new offerings from any fast-food chain and I do watch out for McDonald’s during my travels.
I’ve had McDonald’s burgers in Japan, China, Thailand, even Singapore, which seems to have more frequent limited editions offerings than we do.

In fact, in Singapore, you can customise your burger – did you know that??


But let’s us get back to the Coconut topic.

So, I bought one each of the new coconut inspired items to try since I’m a big fan of anything coconut.
I had expected to taste some coconut flavour in the McFlurry or the sundae, but NO, it was the standard sundae with sprinkling of dried sweet coconut flakes!
The sauce was described as “coconut caramel sauce” but trust me, if you know anything about caramel (or Gula Melaka as it was claimed to be) this isn’t it.
It had the consistency of thick honey and tasted just like honey too. Price of this Coconut Sundae?

Well, it COULD BE that I’m just expecting too much.

REVIEW McDonalds (Malaysia) Coconut Pie, Coconut Caramel McFlurry-001

Here is my Coconut Caramel McFlurry (RM5.20).
I can say the same for the McFlurry as I did for the Sundae.
Just the standard McFlurry with added crunch from chocolate pops and yes, more coconut flakes.
The “caramel” sauce?
Don’t get me started.

REVIEW McDonalds (Malaysia) Coconut Pie, Coconut Caramel McFlurry-002

REVIEW McDonalds (Malaysia) Coconut Pie, Coconut Caramel McFlurry-004

The Young Coconut Pie (RM2.80) fared better.

REVIEW McDonalds (Malaysia) Coconut Pie, Coconut Caramel McFlurry

Though I won’t say that I’ll be in a hurry to eat it again.
There were at least some coconut pulp and a bit of coconut flavour overall.

REVIEW McDonalds (Malaysia) Coconut Pie, Coconut Caramel McFlurry-003

Now, this post isn’t about discouraging you to try these coconut-themed desserts. It is about setting expectations right.
If you have always been a fan of Mcdonalds Sundae and McFlurry, you will find these new desserts an interesting alternative from the standard sundae and McFlurry.

So, where to get your hands on these 3 new items?

This trio are available at most McD (check the FB page for details) within Klang Valley.
I’m not sure about other states in Malaysia.

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