Rebecca’s Table For Four – Part II, & a recipe for Aioli!

This is me “playing the kitchen goddess” Part II, stemmed from my Part I, where Wine Actually sponsored me a bottle of wine. Read about that one HERE .  😉
We had a very creative “Grape Tofu” as amuse bouche, Pan fried Pork Tenderloin & Pumpkin Risotto, all somewhat infused with the red wine by Wine Actually as part of the theme.

For Part II, we prepared a full 5 course meal & the occasion was also a goodbye lunch for 2 culinary friends of mine; Brendan, who is currently interning at Resorts World Sentosa Singapore, and Rainier; who has left Cilantro @Micasa and is now attached with Jann Restaurant, Singapore, one of the respected fine dining establishments in the Lion City.

Another culinary enthusiast, Edwin is currently a final year student in Taylors University Sunway.

The cooking connoisseurs:

table for four Rebecca Saw-16

So you can imagine the chaos as the cooking session progressed! A lot of goofing around yes, but food did eventually got served! 😉

table for four Rebecca Saw-8

The main cook, Kevin concentrates hard enough to make sure all of us got fed.

table for four Rebecca Saw-3

We started out with fresh carbs & homemade aioli, which was superbly luxurious; even for a homemade version. I have included the recipe below! Do try this at home! :good:

table for four Rebecca Saw-2

One can’t go wrong with bacon…

table for four Rebecca Saw-4

Amuse bouche: A play of the classic breakfast: pancake, bacon & eggs.

table for four Rebecca Saw-5
Greens were next, as specially requested by moi. I just find a meal without greens unacceptable, don’t you?
Anyhow, I told him to make it simple, as greens were not his specialty. Still, the lightly vinagrette & balsamic tossed salad fared better than most restaurant’s.

table for four Rebecca Saw-6

Pea and Bacon Soup was served shortly after. I love green peas soup but this one needed much improvement! We boiled the peas til it was soft enough, but the blender we used wasn’t sufficient to give us the texture we wanted. The soup was coarse from the skin of the peas. Urghh! Not pleasant at all. :wacko:

table for four Rebecca Saw-7

Kevin wanted to try the whole ‘foam” sauce thing. Of which I wasn’t too keen at first.
We did a play on the spaghetti alfredo; and tried foaming up the cream sauce to give it a lighter texture. But nope, it didn’t work that well! The sauce was almost tasteless!

table for four Rebecca Saw-9

Thankfully, the fish was good. It’s hard to screw up cooking dory anyways, unless you really can’t cook! 😉

table for four Rebecca Saw-1

Lightly season the dory fillets and you’re good to go. …

table for four Rebecca Saw-11

table for four Rebecca Saw-12

We blanched the greens & stir-fry them with some butter…

table for four Rebecca Saw-13

And here we have it – Dory with Homemade Aioli. Pardon the presentation, but due to the many courses we are having, we had to keep each dish in managable portions!

table for four Rebecca Saw-14

We can’t do without a pork dish and this was almost the same as the previous Table For Four – Herb Crusted Pork Loin; served with couscous.

table for four Rebecca Saw-17

table for four Rebecca Saw-15

Tender juicy pork fillets with a satisfying sides of carbs. Yums!

table for 4 Rebecca Saw (1)

Wash it all down with red wine.

table for four Rebecca Saw-10

So that wraps up another wonderful gathering with close friends & it was certainly fun playing cook! The next session will be on Chinese cuisine as I hope to put my Bintulu belacan to good use. Then I’m looking forward to some baking session with Eigen soon!

And as promised, the Recipe for aioli as below:
This is a simple & a good option if you are looking for an alternative spread to good ‘ole butter.

You’ll need: Garlic (peeled), egg yolk, olive oil (I used both olive and canola oil), lemon juice, pepper.

1. Crush the garlic, followed by dragging the side of the knife over it. Add a pinch of salt, and repeat until garlic becomes paste.
2. Whisk the egg yolk together with the garlic, adding in the oil (pouring from a squeeze bottle helps to regulate the amount to a manageable stream)
3. Once the mixture emulsifies, add in some lemon juice and a bit of pepper (optional), and whisk in more oil.

Takes about 1 cup of oil for that small bowl below.

table for four Rebecca Saw

So readers, any interesting suggestions on what we should whip up for the next Table for Four??

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