Pulau Tiga Island, Sabah – the journey, the resort, the wilderness, the sea

Pulau Tiga’s meteoric rise to fame is credited solely to none other than being the first ever ‘secret’ location for the hit reality series, ‘Survivor’. And hence, the popular monicker of “Survivor Island” has stuck on ever since.

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I was thrilled to be here, one of reasons being that it would be my first ever island holiday in the pristine waters of Sabah; another was just in awe that I am on the very island where the reality series was shot.

The beginning: THE JOURNEY.

Getting there meant starting with a 2 hours road ride from KK town, Sabah to Kuala Penyu.
As demonstrated by my fellow travellers Fei & Brad, do take a nap so you are rejuvenated by the time your feet meets the sands of Pulau Tiga. 😉

fei and brad

Upon arrival at the Kuala Penyu, which is a small little town where the jetty is located, we were transfered via motorboat to the coast of Pulau Tiga.

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The motorboat ride takes approximately 30 mins, navigating through murky waters along the South China Sea.

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** Sights along the way...

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Sit back, strap up into a life jacket, and relish the crisp sea breeze whipping through your hair and on your face.

on the boat to Pulau tiga

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Upon arrival, we were warmly welcomed by the staff of Pulau Tiga Resort, who kindly assisted with our bags.

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The motorboat docks at the jetty, and one would have to walk along the “bridge” to get to the island.

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The main area for gatherings is the Survivor Bar. It also serves as the main dining area, with drinks & beers & alcohol available for sale.

pulau tiga sabah

Centuries old trees, warm climate & clean air induces one to relax and de-stress, which is the whole point of an island holiday to begin with isn’t it?

pulau tiga sabah (5)

Clean sandy beach lines the perimeter of the island. Perfect for that morning run or a leisurely walk.

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The resort offers various sports activities and there is a “water sports centre” (pictured below.) Choose from snorkelling, scuba diving, jet-skiing, kayaking, fishing and many more. Gears are available for rent at reasonable rates.
The Dive Center also offers scuba diving courses from a beginners’ level to professional Divemaster, so rest assured that the divemasters here are suitably trained and your safety is assured.

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Unfortunately for me, the waters are not as crystal clear as I would have liked. I was told it was due to the rainy season. Visibly was just a feet away at most.

pulau tiga sabah-5

The whole resort is pretty self-sustained. The staff here has their own living quarters. There is even WIFI at the Survivor Bar, and electricity is powered by a generator.

pulau tiga sabah (4)

Laundry house.

pulau tiga sabah (3)

Sustenance: THE FOOD.

Below are examples of our meals here. Meals are served at specific times & buffet-styled. Grab a plate, & take your pick from the spread, which was not too bad by any standards, quality & taste-wise. We were treated to fresh sweet grilled fishes, tender black pepper beef, crunchy curry prawns and tangy Thai salads.

Dinner 1st nite

Breakfast spread.

Brekie 2nd mornin

Points would have to be awarded to the chef for presentation! 😉


The view: SUNSET.

Breathtaking. As expected.

pulau tiga sabah-6

pulau tiga sabah-7

pulau tiga sabah-8


Iguanas and monitor lizards are the resident reptiles here. Expect to encounter them from time to time as you walk around the resort. And yes, they are carnivourous.

pulau tiga sabah (2)

They were actually fed by the resort operators! No fret though, as they do not attack humans; we were told. Just avoid provoking them too.

pulau tiga sabah (1)

When night falls, the creatures came out to play. Below is the yellow -ringed snake, touted as one of the most poisonous snakes in the world.

pulau tiga sabah-1

pulau tiga sabah-2


Upon checking -in, the kind staff of the resorts escorts and carries your luggage to your allocated chalet for you.


Accomodation here are chalet-styled, with each housing 1 or 2 rooms. There are also triple sharing longhouse accommodation for budget travellers.

pulau tiga resort chalet sabah (2)

Mine was a 2 rooms chalet, with the master room ensuite, and the 2nd room with twin beds.  Below: The simple living area.

pulau tiga resort chalet sabah (3)

The master bedroom.

pulau tiga resort chalet sabah (6)

Cupboards, side tables, curtains, air conditioners & adequate amount of powerpoints are provided.

pulau tiga resort chalet sabah (8)

My room came with a spare mattress in addition to the Queen-sized bed.

pulau tiga resort chalet sabah (7)

pulau tiga resort chalet sabah (9)

Save on electricity. Use the fan instead.

pulau tiga resort chalet sabah (1)

The washroom was well equipped as well. Mirrors, toilet rolls, soap dispenser, heater and pretty decent water pressure for the shower head.

pulau tiga resort chalet sabah (11)

pulau tiga resort chalet sabah (10)

The other room which has the twin sharing one.

pulau tiga resort chalet sabah (4)

The twin sharing room shares the main washroom which is within the chalet.

pulau tiga resort chalet sabah (5)


Pulau Tiga is also famous for its therapeutic natural volcanic mud. .

mud volcano - pulau tiga sabah-6

………….which you can read about from my post HERE! 😉


Group picture: We had so much fun, oh yes we did, didnt’ we? 😉
Thank you Firefly & Sabah Tourism Board for the experience!

group pic - pulau tiga

GETTING THERE: Pulau Tiga is located about 10 km (6 miles) offshore of Sabah near Kuala Penyu town on the tip of the Klias Peninsula. If you are in Kota Kinabalu, it will take about 90 minutes by road followed by a 20-30 minutes powerboat trip from town (a sub-district of Kuala Penyu) to the island and its marine park.

Daily Standard Boat Transfer Schedule

  • Kuala Penyu to Pulau Tiga Resort: 1000 hrs ; 1500 hrs
  • Pulau Tiga Resort to Kuala Penyu: 0900 hrs ; 1400 hrs
  • Pulau Tiga Resort
    Tel: +6088-240584
    Fax: +6088-240415
    E-mail: [email protected]
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