Potluck At Nigel’s

Fabulous food, crazy company and a rocking night of fun!

Of course, it won’t have been possible without our fantastic hosts… so to Allan and Nigel, Thank you so much!!

And since we were fed by foodies who knows where’s the best grub there is in KL, a baker who has his very own fan club & some very accomplished cooks… the food department certainly wasn’t lacking in taste, texture and colour!!

Feast your eyes……and eat your heart out!!! ;p

I totally dig the luscious Charsiew from Paramount Gardens by Ciki & Alilfatmonkey…

CHar Siew - Paramount GAlign Center

And we got pampered by Su of Delectable, who came lugging boxes of savoury pastries..

Savouries by Su

FBB and Bee sugarcoated us with the Pear & Ginger Upside Down cake and the mind-blowing BRANDY-soaked Spencer…as well as the Hummingbird cupcakes..and 3 pieces of Red Velvet..which disappeared so fast there wasn’t any pics! ;p

Not to fret though, these are order-able HERE!!

FBB Upside Down pear n ginger
the hummingbird
The Spencer by FBB

Pey Pey @Msiagirl – Her very own handmade (LITERALLY) dark chocolates !!

Pey Pey Choc

And more…

Clockwise from top..
Allan & Nigel – Home cooked Asian Pesto Spaghetti
Hairyberry – Moussaka, Lagsana & Pizza from Porta Romana
La Couple Toy – Bouncy Meatballs
Bangsar Babe – Potato & Egg Salad
Lemongrass and Bald Eagle – Ah Fatt fried chicken at Jln 14/48, Section 14, Petaling Jaya (opposite end of Ah Wah hokkien mee shop).

them otr varieties

Jun chan, the Cordon Bleu chef– sublime kobe-equivalent porky Siu Yoke (Roasted Pork) fr Wong Kee, Pudu, Jalan Nyonya.

Wong Kee Siew Yoke

Jonas & Hua – Really superb home-cooked Ma Poh Tofu & Cold Szechuan Chicken (sigh…really we really lucky or what??)

Cold Szechuan chic

Unkaleong & myself ta-paued the famous Loong Foong Roast Duck from PJ.. Sorry la..moi don’t cook and Unka is too lazy ;p

Loong Foong duck

Paprika of ravenousrabbit.blogspot.com & Hunky with their marvellous rendition of Thai Pomelo Salad with Chicken & Prawns. Get the recipe HERE!!

ps: FBB’s fav. I think he chomped half the bowl πŸ˜‰

Pamelo and Prawn salad

And the people who made the night possible!!

the fun peeps!

Many thanks goes to The Devil Wears Prada for his Honey Sparkling Sea Coconut with Lime Mocktail!
A life saver since I don’t do alcohol. Most refreshing concoction!!

Kat, (Girl from Abu Dhabi) bought charsiew as well. By then I was too busy eating to bother with the camera. Chian Tyng also fed us delicious siu yoke.

For more on this fanta-balous night; blog hop to Ciki’s!

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