Plan B – Bangsar Village I – Eggs Benjamin, Nasi Lemak, Pasta & Lamb meatballs!

This should be an expected continuation from myย previous post on Plan B; LOL, as I have been tweeting about this new place consistently ever since my first visit.

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The menu held a lot of promises, and the cakes (as seen HERE), were just coo-ing “eat me eat me!”. Hence I scheduled as many appointments & meals with clients at Plan B as possible over the last week. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Nasi Lemak, RM25.

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Spicy Lamb Chorizo & Gruyere Cheese Muffin, RM10.

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The meaty, loosely packed and herbs-seasoned lamb meatballs..

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I love my eggs and that’s no secret. For RM14, I slurped up 2 perfected poached eggs, drenched in creamy hollandaise sauce on top of meaty, juicy mushrooms & superbly fresh fluffy English muffin (menu says Portobello but somehow, it didn’t taste like portobello so…).

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An added order of Avocadoes and Feta Mash for RM5; just because I couldn’t resist avocadoes. I barely finished it though, as it was sour-er thanI would have preferred.

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A noodle/pasta fiend, he thought the pasta was good, albeit lacking in crab meat. I told him crab meat is expensive marrr.. ;p

Plan B’s Spicy Crabmeat Linguini RM19.00 – scented with lemongrass & Kaffir lime, tossed with tomatoes, garlic & prawn oil. We can testify that all the ingredients listed were present in the bowl of pasta. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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My choice of pasta usually doesn’t involve seafood. And this hearty heap of Spaghettini with really, really meaty & well herbs- seasoned lamb meatballs is seriously good. All of approximately 6 meatballs for RM19.00.

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The pride of Malaysia – Nasi Lemak.
Probably not an order one would normally make here at Plan B, but seeing how Plan B excels in homely food, I can’t help but order their RM25.00 Nasi Lemak.

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I would rate it higher than Madam Kwan’s legendary Nasi Lemak, which is of similar price range. And I get more squids here too! :good:

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The sambal (chilli paste) is much spicier than the usual nasi lemak ones. There seem to be a shortage of nasi lemak that offers spicy sambal in KL, with most leaning towards the sweetish type.Thankfully, Plan B’s nasi lemak has a bit of heat to it.

plan b bangsar village I (10)

The fried chicken was well-marinated & tasty enough. No complaints there.

I had the amazing Tomato & Zuchini muffin HERE, & thus had similar expectations for the Spicy Lamb Chorizo & Gruyere Cheese Muffin. Similarly priced at RM10, this big muffin- top packed chunks of chorizos and pungent Gruyere cheese and it’s better eaten warm.

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Would I be back for more?
Well, I’m still missing the Orange Flourless Cake, and I have yet to try their dinner menu. So yea, for the cake and for dinner, Plan B should be expecting me soon! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Updated 6th Dec 2010.
From the time of the previous post HERE; til today (7th Dec), there have been varying degrees of feedback from the other foodies & my friends. The general concensus is – service is bad & their western repertoire fares better than their Asians.

Plan B, (at the right-side of the entrance of BV I, opposite of Starbucks & taking over the vacated Theobroma Lounge)
Ground Floor, Bangsar Village I,
59000 Bangsar, KL.