Part 2 – Afternoon Lunch Market at Jalan Tengah

continued from my previous post…

This stall has all the “chinese” type of buns and in these metal containers are tong-sui of various types – bubur cha cha, red bean etc..

Carnival-like atmosphere….with non-edible items as well…

More food pics..

Yummy-licious sambal, to be eaten with the ulam..

The Indians community aren’t left out either…Indian dishes with rice…

below: Yogurt vegetables

Indian snacks – vadai etc..

Sardine rolls fresh from the oven..


And should you be worried about constipation after all that gluttony, freshly cut as well as whole fruits are available .. :p

Tapai ubi.

Too busy to cook? Few enterprising individuals here are selling frozen stuffs ranging from ready-pounded spices to “pau” aka buns, roti canai, curry puffs, etc..

Okiess… that’s all from me for the afternoon food bazaar at Jalan Tengah.Whew… no doubt there will be new stalls from time to time.. and there’s no better way to check out the vast array of food other than visiting it yourself! So, go!