Onde Onde Desa Park City – Penang food

Onde Onde at Desa Park City aims to serve well prepared Malaysian favorites. When I was invited to have lunch here I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I’m a Penangite, and frankly, I have an even fussier tastebud than most of my peers.

Except for a few, Penang food in KL hasn’t been too promising. Even for Penang One; where selected hawkers are in collaboration with the owner and they bring the fresh ingredients, soup and condiments directly from the hawkers themselves daily from individual stalls in Penang didn’t wow me entirely.
Food can be inconsistent and I only favour their Char Kuey Teow, Koay Teow Thng and Mua Chee. The rest is just decent.

So I didn’t have high expectations walking into Onde Onde, though I must say I left pretty satisfied.

Like all Nyonya inspired eateries, the nostalgic ornaments and oriental touches are present. Service is brisk and food arrived swiftly.

I started with the char kuey teow; probably one of the strictest litmus test for any “Penang cuisine” eatery. This was a let-down. Any Penangite can tell you that just from the picture below.

onde onde desa park city - penang food

Hope is not lost though. The proprietor takes feedback seriously and the Char Kuey Teow had improved recently.

This is how the Char Kuey Teow looks like now. But, of course, the taste test will come soon. Just let me settle down from my Korea trip.


Next on the trial table is the Ais Kacang. This is my favourite local dessert; regardless if I’m on a diet, sick or stressed, I’ll always appreciate a good, finely shaven ice kacang.
The one here is a bit fusion-ise with too many stuff, but heck, why complain when there’s more ingredients right?


The Asam Laksa (RM9.90) is nicely sourish and thick. I like the fact that there’s chunks of mackerel fish and all the prerequisite ingredients of pineapple, onions, mint leaves, pungent fish paste are provided.
Sipping the flavorful broth I concluded that it was a decent rendition of my hometown’s favourite.

onde onde desa park city - penang food-001

onde onde desa park city - penang food-004

Prawn Mee (RM9.90). I have never been a fan of Penang Hokkien Mee but for those hankering for a mild and sweet crustacean based broth, this might satisfy the craving. 


My Penang feast at Onde Onde. Last was the Jiu Hoo Char (fried radish with dried cuttlefish).

onde onde desa park city - penang food-003

Desa Park City is a wonderful area; the lake, the serenity and the sprawling green grounds draws me here almost every weekend. I love the weekend four-legged crowd (doggies!) and I do wish I can be here more often.
Anyhow, I have my heart set now on Onde Onde’s thirst quenching ais kacang as my cool-down drink after some time at the lake. Another pick is the delicious looking Nyonya kuih which I have yet to try.
Till next month, I’ll be back! 🙂

onde onde desa park city - penang food-005

onde onde desa park city - penang food-006

Restoran Onde Onde Local & Nyonya Delights

Location: GF-03A Ground Floor, Waterfront @ ParkCity 5 Persiaran Residen, Desa Park City, 52200 Kuala Lumpur
Price range: RM2.50 – RM15.90
Contact no: 03-6280 7419
Open hours: 10am – 10pm (presumably)
Car park: Desa Parkcity open air carpark
WIFI: Available
Website: NA