Nyonya Mee Rebus/Mee Goreng at Restaurant Kwai Sun , Subang SS15

Apparently this lady has been around for a long long while. So much so that the parents of friends, uncle + aunties of fellow foodies & friends of friends (whew!) can attest to her slurpilicious noodles and swears by her superb one- of- its- kind gravy.

Kwai Sun - mamak mee

There’s even a juicy history that comes with the business, of which I will gladly share with you one day over a plate of …what else ? Nyonya mee rebus! ūüėČ

A regular sized portion like the below minus any trimmings (cuttlefish, etc) is RM4.00. I wouldn’t say it’s dirt cheap, since it doesn’t come with ANY form of meat at all, but I opined that it is worth the $ once you take into consideration the laborious process required to produce the gravy.

nyonya mee rebus - kwai sun SS15

For the Mee Rebus, (loosely translated as “noodles boiled” cos that’s how the noodles were cooked), it is all about the gravy; flavoursome, potato-infused gravy that is rich in taste yet not cloying. Plop a dollop of sambal (chilli paste) for added oomphh & jumble it up; fragrant shallots, plain bean curd, soft potatoes, freshly fried dough fritters & the simple yellow noodles.


After the plate was reduced to the above, we still had room for more. ¬†Greediness? Hunger? LOL. We can’t tell.¬†We even shared a small plate of ‘chap fun’ ¬†(RM4) with sweet & sour pork & some veg for fibres as below. The variety for chap fun (economy rice) ¬†in this coffeeshop is not too bad.

econ rice - restaurant kwai sun SS15

Our Mee Goreng Regular, RM4.00 took a while to arrive so by then both of us had partially digested our “earlier” meals. :yes: The same ingredients applies here, no meat & portion is pretty small.

nyonya mee goreng - kwai sun SS15

It is slightly wetter than he would have preferred, but I actually like mine this way as it is I’m in opinion that it might taste too¬†reminiscing¬†of typical chinese noodles if it has more “wok hei” (wok-fire heat).

nyonya mee goreng - kwai sun SS15 1

Furthermore, the noodles are cooked with the same gravy of the mee rebus (it tasted that way to me!) so a wetter¬†experience¬†is¬†expected.¬†ūüėČ

nyonya mee goreng - kwai sun SS15

Sometimes laying my gastronomical fate in UnkaLeong’s hands doesn’t turn out too bad ūüėČ . I enjoyed both versions of the noodles here &¬†actually¬†wouldn’t mind stashing a few packets in the fridge for the week!

Restaurant Kwai Sun , Subang SS15
Jalan SS15/4E, corner lot.

GPS: N 03 04.69′
E 101 35.26′

Restaurant Kwai Sun , Subang SS15

A typical Chinese hawker stalls restaurant that is packed during meals times.

Restaurant Kwai Sun , Subang SS15 2