FOOD: Noodle Shack @ 1 Utama, The “NEW” Old Wing

I’m back again with a post on food in the old “new” wing of 1 Utama.
While my previous postings has been generally positive, with some favourites like Opika, Putien and Yong Tau Foo Eat and Happy, this is one that I wouldn’t recommend.

Noodle Shack, 1 Utama

Feeling like something soupy & cost efficient after a workout, we hopped in Noodle Shack for light, asian sustenance.

Noodle Shack, 1 Utama-001

Noodle Shack, 1 Utama-002

Noodle Shack, 1 Utama-003

Their homemade Herbal Tea was good, very fresh and heavy in herbs flavour, unlike the usual watery ones in hawker stalls.

Noodle Shack, 1 Utama-004

Their Pan Mee – “Traditional Mian Fen Guo in Soup” RM8.90 + was really substandard; on par with (at best) the same level of a badly cooked one in coffeeshops. Portion was miserably small too, and the amount of soup barely passed the mid level of the bowl.

Noodle Shack, 1 Utama-006

Opting for the healthier path as usual, I had the home made Spinach Mian Fen Guo in soup. I was thankful that this came with more vegetables though portions are still tiny. Taste-wise, it was run-of-the-mill.

Noodle Shack, 1 Utama-008

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