Nasi Beringin, Kampung Baru

Remember when I said I was on the hunt for the 2 lone Nasi Beringin stalls in KL?
Umm, yeah..that was like way back in April then…I know, I know..back log, back logs, back logggsss…

The Nasi Beringin at Menara Bangsar was the absolute first experience I had eating Nasi Beringin. My question then was “Are there any differences between Nasi Lemak and Nasi Beringin??”
Well, after some research, yup, apparently there are differences, and as the name suggested, the core disparity lies in the preparation of the rice.

I daresay the rest of the condiments are similar, (and that’s coming from someone who has eaten at 2 stalls, so please don’t take my word for it. Likewise, I appreciate any recommendation or pointers if there are any other nasi beringin proprietors lurking around that I do not know of??) with the ubiquitous crispy anchovies & peanuts, a dollop of fiery sambal, slivers of fresh cucumbers and the simple, wholesome goodness of a quarter of a hard boiled egg.

nasi beringin - yummy!

For RM5, I had no complains. The ayam goreng rempah (spiced chicken) was a notch lower than the one at Menara Bangsar, simple cos it was not piping hot from the wok, having been cooked much earlier in preparation for the lunch crowd.
Nevertheless, it was still crispy on the exterior and moist within, meeting the criteria for a good piece of fried chicken.

Below: Perfectly firm, round, well separated grains of aromatic rice.

nasi beringin - my plate

The sweetish sambal, thick and fragrant. Only a minor gripe though, don’t they do the fiery versions anymore??

the sambal

Think that the Nasi Beringin is all there is?
Oh no, The Nasi Goreng Cina was commendable too. Not too oily and tasty to boot. RM3.50.

Nasi Goreng Cina

Go for their spicy Nasi Goreng Kampung, RM3.50 for some low burn on the tongue if your day requires it. Load a piece of chicken if you wish, doused with chilli sauce and tuck in for a gratifying lunch.

Nasi Goreng

Low carbs day? Rojak Ayam Singapura (with thick cuts of tender chicken breast) at RM4.20 would be a good choice.

Rojak w Chic breast

The Mee Bandung Muar here is probably the best one can get. Authentic and adhering to a recipe that spans 3 generations, the gravy is thick, flavourful and slurp-worthy.

Opting for a light lunch today? Try their Bihun soup. The squeeze of lime adds much zest to the flavourful stock.

mee bandung, bihun sup

Making your way there soon??

Look for this restaurant, almost directly opposite Bank Pembangunan & DBKL building on Jalan Abdullah, at the corner of Jalan Khatib Koyan.
Open Mon to Sat. 9am – 6pm
GPS: N 3 09′ 35.1″
E 101 42′ 7.5″

Nasi Beringin Kg Baru

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