Nambawan Cafe, Taman Sri Manja, PJ – Another option for PORK burger!

Always on the look out for good pork burgers, it didn’t take much persuasion for me to seek this place out, especially after reading a few positive reviews from blogs.

Unfortunately, the area completely eludes me. And Old Klang road is not a vicinity I would venture into voluntarily. GPS coordinates would have been helpful, if any could be found.

The only option left then, was to get a human GPS. The one that I know, however, happened to be a lazy won’t -travel-far-for-food-unless-it-is-bak kut teh bum.

So one weekend, I refused to eat lunch unless lunch is at Nambawan. And wisely, the other half figured that instead of dealing with a sulky bitch, a phone call to find out exactly the location of Nambawan Cafe would be a better alternative.

And thus the weekend was saved. I sat in Nambawan Restaurant & Cafe a short while later & happily browsed through the menu for my order. ๐Ÿ˜‰

nambawan restaurant & cafe

nambawan cafe

The area isn’t the Old Klang road that most of us know. To get here, you’ll have to drive past Sunway Pyramid on your right, head towards Taylors’ Lakeside Campus & turn in at the Shell station before the toll. Anyhow, hold on to your bags & valuables tight here as the area feels a little dodgy. But the food was worth it. Or more specifically, the price of the food was worth it!

I had my heart set on the Pork burger @RM6.90 though there were other more tantalizing options threatening to sway my decision. The patty won points from me simply cos it was FATTY, THICK, JUICYย  &ย  redolent with herbs. It crumbles a bit easily but I didn’t mind. There wasn’t any “gummy” texture that reminisces of too much fillers, ie flour.

nambawan cafe - pork burger 1

Tastewise, it was delicious; not too finely grinded, but with obvious chunks of meat giving it a satisfying & meatier bite. It wasn’t overly seasoned too, of which I’m glad since I have low sodium tolerance.

Another brownie point goes to the sauce. Instead of a lazy slap of mayo, the sauce provided was tangy & sweet, almost like salsa but not quite. Layers of fresh cucumbers, lettuce & tomatoes completes the assemble.

nambawan cafe pork burger n sauce

The bun was of the cheap variety, but heck, it is a cheap burger, so I’ll shut up. ๐Ÿ˜‰

nambawan cafe - pork burger

The other half had the Stone-charbroiled Pork Belly with roasted potatoes and garden salad (RM13.90). Another value for money dish, for the hearty slab of pork belly would have easily cost RM25-30 at other joints.

nambawan cafe - stone charbroiled pork belly

The charbroiled pork’s colouring was lovely, slightly charred outside but the insides still pink & fatty ๐Ÿ˜‰

nambawan cafe - stone charbroiled pork belly 1

Oh, the roast potatoes were also very addictive, beautifully browned and flavourful. This is a good reason to eat carbs!

nambawan cafe - potatoes

Would I return?

Yes I would. Very reasonable priced items & there is still a lot more to sample from the menu. Ingredients are fresh & preparation is obviously well planned, for even side dishes are uncommon & the sauces original.ย Location is effy but it is really not that hard once you have an idea of where it is exactly.


NOTE: This place has gained popularity and a recent visit by a friend last week was a test in patience as the place was packed. Anyhow, he reported that the food was good & hoped that Nambawan continues to maintain the quality (food-wise) & improve it’s service levels to cater to the influx of customers during peak periods.

nambawan map

Nambawan Restaurant & Cafe
10, Sri Manja Square One
Taman Sri Manja
Jalan Klang Lama
46000 PJ.

Tel: 016-224 1533 (Yap), 013-263 2772 (Gilbert)

Business hours: 12 – 3pm, 6 – 10pm.
Close every other Monday, please call up to check 1st.

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