Naan at Restaurant MY, Jalan Bunus 6, Masjid India

Its expensive.
There, I said it. Other than that, do try this place out..the naans are fluffy (however I personally preferred the ones at Mahbub in Bangsar), the curries thick, fresh and fragrant and the meats oh-so-tender and flavourful.

The specialty here is obviously the naan, with the big tandoori oven outside taking centre stage. Orders poured in non-stop. The wait was long and irksome.

Luckily for us, we got a dedicated waiter ;p and most orders came promptly. Most.

There were about 10 of us; loud rowdy lot from CS ( gathered over food, and thus another gathering of great laughs, meeting of new people from different parts of the world and the pleasure of introducing to them our Malaysian cuisine.

That night we had guests from Russia, India, US, the Philippines, and Estonia. Needless to say, they enjoyed the food tremendously ;p.
One of them actually exclaimed “Malaysia Boleh!!! “. LOL. I wonder where he pick that up from!

Back to the food, the most ordered dish is the tandoori chicken set. The surfers were all gathered around the oven and went “yeahh.. yeah..I’ll have one of that..” πŸ™‚
At RM7.00, I would say it is still worth it, since most mamak-ed tandoori would have cost between RM5.50 to Rm6.50.
It comes with the mint yogurt dip of which I would have preferred it to be thicker but perhaps it was meant to be that way. Great for dipping both the chicken or your naan with..creamy, sourish and sweet at the same time.
How about the chicken? Well, its not one of those “powder”- coated tandoor chic you’ll find in abundance on KL streets. This one is nicely spiced- coated, has a subtle sweet end taste, and overall it is moderately spicy from the chillis (as you can see the seeds coating the piece here).
The meat is tender although it is breast-meat. But of course that’s expected. Side dishes such as the one here, potato curry cost RM3.00.
Fluffy, airy piece of dough. RM2.50 plain.
Garlic naan. RM3.50.
No complimentary dhall were served. We requested for a serving and was charged RM1.00. Huurrmmpphh….
Mutton curry. RM9.00, single portion. Meat falls off the bone at the nudge from a fork. Enough said.
Beef curry, RM8.00, single portion. Same tender and soft texture, yet still yielding a good bite.
Cheese Naan. RM5.00. It was ok..
Beef rendang. RM8.00. Single portion.
The Naan master, who churns out the naans non-stop the whole night.

Order your curries, cooked on the spot. Hence, every plate of chicken/mutton/beef curry arrives piping hot to your table.
Note: Its more like re-heating to me, for the meat weren’t raw to begin with. The cook will scoop ladles of curry, paste, seasonings etc into the wok, then adds the meat. A brief stir and its ready to be served.
Skewers of well marinated grilled chicken. RM7/pc.
As one chews away, you’ll notice most tables has a plate of towering naan stacked up high in the middle with a whole gamut of dishes at the sides. Each person from the table will grab a naan, put it on his plate and proceeds to devour it. The stack recedes. The naan on his plate is gone in 5secs.
The next stack arrives 15mins later, and the cycle repeats.
Now, did I mention that you got to wait for your food? oh, I did, right?

My guest Leonid from Russia. Surfed my couch for a night before he was off hitch -hiking to Indonesia. (map of his travels so far will be attached later..forgot to upload it ;p)
MY Restaurant
Jalan Bunus 6,
Off Jalan Bunus (Right in front of Semua House)
Masjid India.

I used GPS (mapking), using Semua House as a destination and managed to get there.
While directions are complicated, it is not that difficult to find.