My TimeOut KL Food Crawl – The Pink Sage & The Marmalade

Now, I have known this place to exist ever since Boo blogged about it..& being a BIG lover of American breakfasts, it was immediately jotted down in my “to-eat” book (just like some other 100++ places ;p) .

Yet, I only finally made it to this place last month, when TimeOut KL was giving away these coupons and The Pink Sage happened to be one of those featured.

TimeOut coupon

Procrastination. *Groans*

Anyhow, out of the 8 coupons attached with the June issue, we settled for Soi 23, Palate Palette, The Marmalade (had some of their dishes before & liked it), The Pink Sage (a must!) and Olive Lounge.

The plan was to hit all of them at one go (cos it was the last Sat before the coupons expires; hehe..) & I certainly won’t have the time on the few remaining weekdays of that month.

our 1st stop was The Marmalade. And their coupon entitles us to:

A choice of Green Curry Spaghetti OR Spinach & Cheese & Ham wrap + 2 mini cupcakes and a glass of Ice Lemon Tea.

(ok, the name of the dishes may vary; as I have honestly forgotten the actual names)

As advertised, our bill did come up to RM20 NETT.
Being “cost conscious” people, ahem…, we checked the menu, & found out that the wrap is originally priced at RM17 & the 2 mini cupcakes (EXTREMELY mini ones I tell you!) is at RM3.
So basically, it’s still amounted to RM20, & we just happened to got off from paying taxes plus a free small glass of powdery artificial tasting super sweet ice lemon tea.

Call me a scrooge, but I do NOT consider that a good deal. plliiiitthhhh..

Doubts settling into our minds, we scrutinise the coupons again, and decided the Pink Sage is still worth a visit & scrapped the rest off our list.

The Pink Sage offers much better choices starting with:

A burger OR BBQ wings & something + a drink + a Red Velvet cake
Well, a main plus a drink & a dessert should still be pretty worth-it; we thought, since a piece of cake does set one back by more or less RM8 as with prices of cakes is in town. And it didn’t say “mini” Red Velvet so I’m assuming that I’m getting a full slice ;p

Pink SAge

There’s just something about The Pink Sage that says it deserves better than a meal on the rush, so though I was always in the area for work, I promise myself to patronise it “one day” when I have ample time to sit back, relax and soak in the atmosphere of this charming little diner.

So here we are on a late Sat evening, & we chose to sit outside as it was a quiet breezy evening.
I felt my tension ebbing away as I sat back, took a deep breath & pushed all the demanding voices of annoying clients out of mind. Finally! I thought.

Our order were taken quickly enough, & the staff was ever smiling and friendly.
We really love the large mirror inside that allows the diners to write whatever they fancy (ok, maybe NOT whatever) & the kitchen is outside hence you can go and watch your burger being grilled if you fancy doing so.

Pink sage

Our burger meal, at RM21.50 if ordered ala-carte, came with the beef patty weighing at 350grams.
A smaller portion is available too at RM17.50, of which the patty will weigh 200+- grams.
(note: I can’t remember the exact grams but I’m sure it is somewhere around that number)


Lovely burger, with the patty firm, moist & its juices oozing out with each bite. Get a napkin ready!

The Red Velvet was disappointingly unavailable. The affable Noreen, Ops Director recommended their Lemon – something Cake instead which turned out to be quite a let down as it was too dense & tasted pretty normal to me.
Ah well, guess I’m too spoilt with Just Heavenly Pleasures & FBB’s desserts & had set the bar for my standard of cakes a notch too high now.


Anyhow, I’m impressed with the quality ingredients used in the preparation of their food here. Granted, I have not tasted that many :p, but I do intend to visit more often from now on! I got the duck ravioli & salads on my radar now!

Even the tomato/chilli sauce and mayo is of a better brand (Heinz), and while this may seem trivial, I believe little details such as these do make the food taste better & enhance the overall experience of dining at any establishment.

The string fries might seem inferior at first glance since I’m a fan of those thickly cuts ones; but turned out to be worthy rivals of the additive McD’s fries.
Very happy with our meal, we added an order of Peach Vanilla smoothie and totally loved it! Thick, smooth and evidently blended with generous amount of fruits, it was really a feel-good drink.
the drinks

I managed to try The Red Velvet, Rm7, on a subsequent visit, for as promised, Noreen emailed me when they had a fresh batch ready.

Peach Fig Tart & Red Velvet

The topping of cream cheese was so sour that my face felt like it was given a facial after the contortions it went through. I personally do not think the cream cheese layer is suitable to be so sour (if the baker has intended to give the Red Velvet a twist) , cos it has come to the point that if you were to staple it in one bite with the sponge, you won’t taste anything other than the sourness. Verdicts from 2 friends who shared the slice concurred with my opinion hence I think I gave a fair judgment.
Likewise, FBB himself commented that it could have been better.
Anyhow, the cake texture on its own is good though, all moist & buttery though the very red colouring got us wondering…

Thanks to Noreen again, I got to try the Pear & Fig Tart. Nice buttery crust topped with crunchy pears & sweetened figs, I find it a bit too sweet especially with the dusting of sugar on top. While the combination sounds promising in name, somehow I find that the tart failed to make an impression. Perhaps it would have tasted better if served with vanilla ice cream? Just a thought, as on its own it lacked the power of leaving one craving for more.

Nevertheless, this is really a great place for food and I already planning a revisit! Anyone to join me??

The Pink Sage
Ground Floor
Wisma RA
No. 12, Jalan Dang Wangi
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 – 2693 6000

Closed Mondays. Previously opens 8am to 7 pm. NOW: 10pm.

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