My Awards !!

Seems that I forgot to display my awards *grin*..
So here there are!
A newbie to blogging, I’m really happy to be given such “recognition” & I would like to thank…*dab dab eyes* ahemm… (ok, enuf of that s%$^^&) ;p

Anyways, I really adore this one..Yum yUm! What better way to describe food hor?

Hhmm.. it this refering to the circumference of your waist??

Hardworking?? Of dear.. got to do something about those posts still in ‘draft’..LOL

Aiayhh… not kreative loh.. using blogspot template! And I haven’t even uploaded a nicely designed header like the other pro-floggers yet!

Yes, totally agree, binded by good food and equally good amount of drooling over all the pics in each post..

To all of you, who have kindly left comments, shared recipes and reviews for my pleasure reading and visited my new blog, Thank you!

Ahhh.. now to tag some people!! Yippee!


Happy Home Baking

Tummy Thoz

CK Lam


Sweets For My Sweet

Hope you guys could share something about yourself to us ya!

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