MOS Burger in Singapore & Bangkok, Thailand!

Sometimes happiness can be as simple as a piping hot, moist, juicy pork burger :yes:

MOS burger Rebecca saw

Like in my case for this instance, it was in the form of a Tom Yum Pork Cheese Burger by MOS Burger in Thailand! 😉

mos burger bangkok thailand (3)

Staying true to it’s tagline of “Making people happy through food” :yes: , MOS Burgers’ eerrr..burgers never failed to cheer me up everytime.

mos burger bangkok thailand (8)

How could you not? For THB 69  (approximately RM6.90), you get a small but yummy & compact snack. Enough to fill you up just like a McChicken..albeit this one is definitely more delicious!

MOS Bangkok pork burger

Tom yum sauce infused mushrooms, a whole slice of cheese, fresh lettuce & a juicy PORK patty all nicely encased in a soft fresh bun. Even the bun alone beats KFC’s, Wendy’s or McD’s.

mos burger bangkok thailand (9)

But it’s the patty that truly matters of course! :good:

mos burger bangkok thailand (1)

MOS burgers are small, (then again, our local burger chains offerings ain’t any more impressive) but it’s like a little bomb, explosive with thick juicy meat & top grade ingredients, blows you away with it’s taste & delivers satisfaction all at once .

MOS Burgers originated from Japan by a Mr Sakurada. It goes by a ‘cook to order’ concept, thus ensuring that you get your burgers freshly cooked & assembled only after you made your order, yet you get it FAST.

mos burger bangkok thailand (7)

This is the closest shot I could get of the open kitchen. Up close, I could observe my burger being made from scratch. Sadly, no photography is allowed.

mos burger bangkok thailand (5)

mos burger bangkok thailand (6)

Order & pay at the cashier, get a number & your burgers arrives at your table while you are seated.

mos burger bangkok thailand (4)

In Singapore, it differs slightly. I didn’t manage to snap a pic upclose but the counters where you place your orders are very much like McDs & KFC. There are burgers ready on the racks behind the cashiers & there is no open kitchen.

MOS burger Singapore (2)

There are no PORK burgers here either, so I had a Spicy MOS Burger (beef) instead.

MOS burger Singapore (5)

MOS burger Singapore (6)

No doubt it is still fast food; yet it didn’t make me feel as if I’m eating junk or being fed overly processed meat with all the by-products thrown in. And though I have always preferred pork burgers, and finds that in general, beef patties drier, I would still happily eat MOS beef burgers. It is so freaking delicious with the MOS signature special chilli, diced onions, thick tomato slice & jalapenos!

MOS burger Singapore (7)

Yes, MOS Burgers “makes people happy through food” :yes:

MOS burger Singapore (11)

But as I have said, MOS Burgers are small. And Malaysia does not have MOS Burger. So I just had to indulge in another one 😉

I love fish burgers as much as I adore porky ones. Or it could be that there no decent fish burgers (non-gourmet ones) in Malaysia. Anyhow, MOS Fish Burger was my next indulgence.

MOS burger Singapore (3)

Darn, look at that! THICK, moist fish fillet lightly crumbed & fried to a golden crisp. Even the edges remained crisp & light, unlike McD’s where 8 out of 10 times I get my fillet ‘o fish patty burnt/overfried/DRY at the sides!

MOS burger Singapore (1)

Ever wondered how MOS Burger got its name?

‘M’ stands for Mountain – dignified and noble.

‘O’ stands for Ocean – wide and vast.

‘S’ stands for sun – vibrant and life-giving.

Yup, there you go. Now you know what MOS stands for! :yes:

Me below: Nom nom nom 😉 . Heh..

MOS burger Rebecca saw 1

MOS Burger,
Gourmet Floor, Siam Paragon,
Bangkok, Thailand.

MOS Burger,
Raffles City, Singapore.