Morning Nasi Lemak – Wisma Genting Jalan Sultan Ismail

Like I said before, one is spoilt for choice in terms of eating options along the Golden Triangle. After all, this is the hub of the city centre and clusters of buildings housing the headquarters of major corporations is based here.

From posh breakfast places – La Bodega at the Pavillion to O’Briens and of course, the ever popular Coffee Bean and Starbucks for those who can afford the luxury of pure imported coffee beans to Ipoh Old Town for our very own Malaysia Boleh Ipoh coffee ..there’s no way one can say “I got nothing to buy/eat for breakfast”..

Now, my breakfast choice is always the roadside and food stalls near the monorail stations. Not only convenient, prices are reasonable too, after all there is no need for branding, fancy packaging and rent. LOL.

Wisma Genting’s hawker centre is one of those worthy of mention.
I can’t vouch for all the food as I normally make a bee-line to this stall, and the stall owners for morning and lunch can be different proprietors.
But this nasi lemak is one of those that I queue for at least twice weekly, almost alike feeding some kind of opium addiction. Heh.

I’ m always early to work, so my colleagues would normally ask me to ta pau for them. humphh.. should charge them hor?
The queue, as expected, builds up after 8am. I’m going to let my pics do the rest of the review..

It is the very first stall at the entrance of the “hawker centre”..

which is essentially a narrow stretch of walk-way..tables one side and stalls on the other.

The sign board..

Curried eggs.. the flavour of the curry really sets in into the egg..

Besides the eggs cooked in curry, there are other top-ups as well.. plain hard boiled eggs, sambal sotong (this is a must!) , curry chicken…

curry fish..

fried eggs, cucumber, peanuts, fried anchovies.. the works..

So, join the queue, take your pick and the best part..

…right before they wrap up your little parcel, the dude would splash a bit of curry from each pot ala nasi kandar style on your rice..hhmmm! The mixture of the curries guarantees a myriad of flavours in each spoonful.

It taste better than it looks ok! Somehow this pic didn’t turn out as appetising..but I was too hungry to bother to stall my makan-time for another shot! Haahah..

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