Morganfields, Pavilion KL – Pork Burgers

Yes I know they are famous for pork ribs. But no, I didn’t order any.

That’s cos I’m a pork burger addict and I was having a major craving for pork burgers for ages, which has to be appeased pronto before I start PMS-ing on those around me.  😀

morganfields, pavilion kl - pork burgers

It was also thankfully one of the restaurants around that didn’t feel there was a need to play annoying festival Chinese New Year songs during this festive season, sparing me the agony of endless looping of CNY songs in my head.

morganfields, pavilion kl - pork burgers-008

The restaurant is bathed in incandescent light, perfectly suited for its intended ambiance of casual dining and drinking environment. Divided into 3 main sections; there’s an al fresco dining section outside, a bar and an indoor dining area.

There was a quite a selections of beers, perfect to go with a rack of ribs; but I’m not a beer person so it was strictly food for me that day.

morganfields, pavilion kl - pork burgers-009

We started with 2 pork burgers, of which we eventally realized to be a BIG mistake, as both essentially tasted the same though the menu’s description was deceivingly different!

Blackened Cheese & Onions Burger
Grilled with blackened seasoning and topped with cheddar cheese and sautéed onions. Leon ordered this as he wanted to try the “blackened seasoning” or “black cheese” as we were lead to believe by the fancy name.

morganfields, pavilion kl - pork burgers-001

What we got was fundamentally a cheeseburger. No black cheese or blackened cheese. As you can see from the above, my cheese was as snowy pale as it could possibly be.

morganfields, pavilion kl - pork burgers-006

If it could be of any consolation, there was a subtantial amount of black pepper in the patty. However, the seasoning barely made any difference in terms of taste, as the pepper flavour was mild. While I liked the sweet sauteed onions, Leon didn’t think it was worth a mention at all.

Here is our next burger; the Smokehouse Bacon Cheeseburger. Obviously we ordered this for the bacon and for the BBQ sauce.

morganfields, pavilion kl - pork burgers-002

The description says “Glazed with Hickory BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, sautéed onions and crispy pork bacon.”

morganfields, pavilion kl - pork burgers-003

But in the end, both patties were similar, and the only differentiating factor was the condiments that came with it.

morganfields, pavilion kl - pork burgers-005

The cheeses were the usual parmesan and cheddar, flat in taste and flavour. The BBQ burger is a BBQ burger just because it has added generic tasting BBQ sauce. Some slices of tomatoes and a few leaves of lettuce with the same sauteed onions topped off both burgers.

To conclude our experience, we didn’t enjoy our pork burgers. Obviously Leon would never step into Morganfields again, but I might still hop in for the ribs, if a pork ribs craving ever strikes. After all, a foodie has to sample other offerings on the menu at the same establishment before passing concrete judgement.
So who’s up for the pork ribs? 🙂


Level 4, Pavilion KL
+603 2141 3192.
Opens daily from 11am – 1am.

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Samsung NX11

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