More gelato goodness! Bruno Gelato @ KLCC OR Loco Gelato @ 1 Utama, Old Wing

I am loving Bruno Gelato which is located at the “new” old wing of 1 Utama Shopping Centre, right at Candylicious’ entrance.

loco gelato, 1 utama shopping (1)-001

While Moo Cow fits the bill for a healthy indulgence (low fat), Loco Gelato is a rich and creamy alternative reserved for special occasions.

For RM9 – the smallest cup, you get 2 choices of their amazing gelato. And the portion is pretty substantial too!

loco gelato, 1 utama shopping (10)-009

Loco Gelato has a lovely smooth consistency that spreads out finely on the tongue. I stood there and sampled every flavour before deciding on yogurt and mango gelato.  To most palates (most of my friends), Loco Gelatos wasn’t overly cloying but personally for me I still have a problem with the sweetness level.

Fortunately, there are SUGAR-FREE variety!

loco gelato, 1 utama shopping (8)-007

loco gelato, 1 utama shopping (7)-006

And there are sorbets as well for those who fancy sharp, face contorting, sour flavours. Lactose intolerant? No fret. Just ask for dairy-free!

loco gelato, 1 utama shopping (9)-008

Not limited to just gelato in cups, Loco Gelato offers them on a stick, in cones, lollies in all manner of shapes and sizes.

Below: On a stick, round and chocolate (dark or white) coated.

loco gelato, 1 utama shopping (2)-002

Chocolate lovers rejoice!
Thick chocolate incrust each creamy gelato stick – RM12.

loco gelato, 1 utama shopping (3)-003

loco gelato, 1 utama shopping (4)-001

Lollies for a light sugar-high spike but minus the full-bodied lusciousness of the gelato.

loco gelato, 1 utama shopping (5)-004

Lazy with the cup & spoon? Grab a plain gelato on a stick & just lick away! (Sounds wrong here somehow :P)

loco gelato, 1 utama shopping (6)-005

We chose one (RM12) with chocolate crust and vanilla gelato within.

loco gelato, 1 utama shopping (10)-010

Loco Gelato is actually a sister outlet of Bruno Gelato in KLCC. As a marketer, I would stick to a standard naming convention for branding purposes, but who knows, maybe the management has other marketing goals in mind.

bruno gelato-009-001

This was a much earlier visit not too long after they first opened in KLCC.

bruno gelato-010-002

The available flavours are primarily similar (but not entirely) to the ones at Loco Gelato, 1 Utama, with some popular ones present.

bruno gelato-011-003

bruno gelato-012-004

bruno gelato-013-005

This is Dila. Yes, Bruno Gelato/Loco Gelato does make one happy, VERY HAPPY. LOL.

bruno gelato-014-001

The only thing stopping me from eating this everyday is the fact that it’s not fat-free or low fat. With such interesting flavours and blends of gelato plus reasonable pricing for the portion given, I had a hard walking away everytime I’m in the old wing in 1 Utama. Thankfully, I have got iron-clad discipline! Hahahha…

bruno gelato-017-003

So, anyone one of you here is fan as well?? If yes, which flavour is your favourite? 😀

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