Milk for Nourishment…

Any fresher you’ll have got to squeeze it yourself ;p

What, you may ask??

You would have thought we would be stuffed from all that hawker indulgence…yet en route to our homes, the 4 of us stopped at this stall.
Easy, at the Air Itam market. Just right opposite the famous AIR ITAM LAKSA.
Only open at night.

As usual, it’s Ken, the food master’s (or monster) hehehe.. recommendation. Trust him to find all the hide y-holes of superb old-school favourites.

Frothy, rich, creamy, fragrant, smooth and tummy warming fresh, fresh, fresh nutritious elixir!
See the heavy bronze pot used? No cheap alum or stainless steel here. It is said that the bronze retains the flavour better..
I was wayyyy too stuffed to order one of my own, but if I do, I’ll definitely add an egg! (Better than egg with Stout I tell you!)

Choices: Just milk or milk with milo.

Here the 3 of them ordered the milo version.
So he starts with the milo, then the milk.

Next is the sugar. DO opt to add an egg for extra booster …adds to the aroma too!

Stir baby, stir! Vigorously too..
Puuulllllllllllll………… (masuk angin a bit/trap some air) .. LOL.
I mean, that’s where the “lightness” comes from no?

Concentrate sikit.. angle must be right you see…symmetrical as well..
Allocate into the glasses.. see the nice froth on top?
This stall sells nasi lemak too. Imagine, a steaming hot glass of milo with FULL cream milk and fragrant nasi lemak…sighh..

Since I was so stuffed, I didn’t order & instead took a sip from Ken’s glass.
Ohhhh….REALLY wished I hadn’t eaten sooooo much just now!!. A most satisfying glass of brew…wished I could have had a whole glass to myself..but stomach doesn’t expand as well at night. Day time yes.

Finally satiated, we literally crawled back to the car….