Me got "meme" kwa.. by PureGlutton!

Oh.. just read her latest posting .. on getting the Awards and those 7 things about herself. Interesting isn’t? I would not have known much about her if she haven’t posted them and I guess if I appreciate others sharing about themselves, then I would share something about myself too (though it maybe of a bore ;p) but.. too bad, I’m still posting this up. *stuck out tongue* pheettt!

And I do agree with her on the “rewarding sense of satisfaction in blogging – getting to know some great bloggers and totally enjoy reading their nice nice posts” It’s a hobby of mine now, to spend an hour daily reading posts, and going through their archives. Appreciating the pics and learning new recipes.

Now about those 7 things…ahem..

Knowing myself, I do tend procrastinate (if only you know how many postings I still got in draft!!) so might as well get on with it now since I’m in front of my laptop ;p goes..

1. I love FOOD (be it eating, cooking or reading about it), sports/dancing, fashion & travel. In that order.

2. I used to learn chinese kungfu (my dad owned a martial arts academy in Penang then) and yeahh..did a lot of those fighting, breaking stuffs plus memorising and practising of wushu chapters (these are cheorography of steps that you practise and execute, think of it like a dance routine, but NO dancing of course!)

3. Every year, I will be involved in Lion dance as well, and we had a contract with E & O hotel for 7 years already, at 10am on the 1st day of CNY without fail. After that, the troupe will perform at houses (these are booked in advance and we do “layan” on-the-spot requests from neighbours etc..) Unfortunately in 2009, I won’t be a part of it anymore. (for reasons I can’t share).

Preparation at the lobby..

The performance will start at the entrance. There are a lot of “rules” involved and must be adhered to diligently or bad luck instead of good (of which was the main reason to have a lion dance in the 1st place) will fall on the owner/business/family.

4. I used to run a hawker stall selling American Breakfast in Pulau Tikus (this pic was taken on my recent trip back to Pg – for memories & nolstagic’s sake.. ) and another stall outside the coffeeshop selling tong shui and kueh (the same supplier that taught me the Tee Nya Kueh)
No pics of those days, for I wasn’t such a cam-whore back then!
The current owner still uses the same signboard (Mun was my ex already laa..)

5. Now, on more normal stuffs – yeah.. I hit the gym as much as I can too.. same goals..tone up, beat the fat (eating non-stop like I do) and to keep fit for a Gunung Kinabalu hike scheduled next year with some friends. (speaking of which, can anyone recommend a hill to hike in KL??? )

6. Only started blogging recently since I left my full-time job. It is one that took up every spare minute of my time. Had enough.

7. Not much of a cook, and currently learning as much as I could 😉 Learning to bake now too..any partners?

So there, quota of 7 achieved. And I will be waiting to read the rest of the posts by those that are tagged by Ms PureGlutton too! Thanks again PureGlutton!

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