McDonalds Chicken Foldover, Horlicks McFlurry and McDonald’s Caramel Sundae!


mcdonalds chicken foldover

Finally! A healthy alternative to the otherwise greasy, fattening option which are typical of fast-food chains. I’m not condemning all fast food of course, but frankly for an aging woman (ahem, yes me) who has to watch her diet and weight, I avoid highly processed food as much as possible.
Having said that, if the craving kicks in, I’ll still give in but always opting for the healthiest choice on the menu. But that also means having to go through the hassle of getting weird stares when I use tissues to wipe off the mayo from my burgers.

Yes I do that. Sue me. I have to watch my weight ok? 😀
 However, when McD launched their  Chicken Foldover years back, it was a God-sent as it was the only option I’ll settle for whenever my college gang converge at McDs for assignments.

So what’s goes into a McDonald’s Chicken FoldoverTM that makes it “healthier”?
For a start, the patties are grilled. Secondly, there’s more vegetables in a foldover than most of other McDs’ burgers.

·   Two (2) grilled chicken patties with fresh tomato, lettuce & tasty garlic
·   Toasted flatbread peppered with kalonji seeds
·   Priced from RM8.60 on the a la carte menu onwards.

mcdonalds chicken foldover-002

I saw the annoucement on their FB page few days back and shared the news on my FB. Here’s some of the comments I got.

McD's Chicken Foldover

Frankly, I can’t recall if it’s smaller or otherwise, but the taste is similar.

And I’m still wiping off the mayo. Heck,  it’s tasty enough without it so why add on the calories right? Your thighs will thank you for it! 😀

mcdonalds chicken foldover-001

Being a foodie, I can’t stand not knowing how anything NEW taste, so I took a spoonful of the new McDonald’s Caramel Sundae and instantly regretted it. Well, for anyone needing a sugar rush, THIS IS IT!

mcdonalds chicken foldover

Next was their recent Horlicks Crunch McFlurry. Like everyone else, I loved the crunchy bits added into the soft swirl.

McDonald's Horlicks Crunch McFlurry-001

Again I only managed one-third of the whole cup. Too sweet again for me but I still like it. So moderation is key. It’s more practical to share it with someone.

As for the new Chicken Muffin, I have tried it too! You can check out my post HERE.

mcdonalds chicken mcmuffin-003

And yes, I wiped off the mayonnaise. Messy, I know.

Well I have to thank McDonalds for keeping the menu fresh with new choices from time to time. I have tried Mcdonalds in Thailand, China, Korea (they have Bulgogi burgers which was delicious!!), HongKong, Australia (Wagyu Beef Burger!), and even while I’m in Singapore last week for World Gourmet Summit 2012, the Teriyaki Chicken Burger!

The Chicken FoldoverTM is now available in all McDonald’s restaurants until 22 August.
It is priced at RM8.60 on the à la carte menu; RM9.95 for a medium McValue Lunch and McValue Dinner sets; while for the medium McValue Meal set it is priced at RM12.25.

So has anyone tried any Mcdonalds burgers anywhere else in the world? Share please?

*This is not an advertorial! 😛


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