Maxis10Reviews – Unboxing the HTC Desire

Only very recently bitten by the Android bug, I have never been much of a tech expert & like 70% of the population ( I think), I buy based on emotion & aestheticism (happy, nice, cool, hip) so don’t expect much tech jargon from my reviews 😉
I do however, believe in doing things a wee bit differently (One of the reasons why this unboxing video took forever. Sadly, I had to scrap all my grand ideas when I realized how complicated it was to do a video!) so you can expect more interestingly angled posts in the coming days.

Right now? I’m just happy to finally got my unboxing video up!! :yahoo:

So here it is! I got Nexus One box still so I’m going to show you the slight differences between both. With the amount of requests I been getting recently ever since it was announced that I’m a proud Nexus One owner, I’m guessing any comparison between the Nexus One and HTC Desire is appreciated :yes: .

Yup, some variance here and there but distinctive enough for each of the HTC Desire and Google Nexus One to stand on its own merits.

So, who’s wanting more of HTC Desire vs Nexus One review? 😉