Marutama Ramen – Fahrenheit 88, Bukit Bintang

There’s nothing like a piping hot bowl of noodles on a cold chilly night…

Marutama Ramen - Aka ramen 1

–especially when your bowl of noodles comes in stocks that’s ain’t bland like the Chinese Kuey Teow Theng, Bee Hoon soup kind…

Marutama Ramen - Nama Karashi ramen 1

–instead it is this piquant, appetite whetting, murky bowl of slurpilicious noodles..

Marutama’s Nama Karashi Ramen (RM18.00) soup boasts of clean vegetables flavours; heady at first but elevating to a sweltering spiciness as you slurp on ..fuuhhhh!!
I love this, but only the stock though, as the roast pork was nothing to shout about.

Marutama Ramen - Nama Karashi ramen

My order was just as good, if not better. The soup was different though the base is obviously similar. The Aka Ramen (RM22) was hearty meatiness flavour coupled with a pleasant sourness, further accentuated; if you so wish with a squeeze from the lemon wedge dangling by the side of the bowl.

Marutama Ramen - Aka ramen

The noodles were alright, bouncy and al dente. But I’m more impressed with the stock really. These bowls of ramen sure does rouse your appetite, with its multiple dimensional flavours – combination of sweet, piquant, salty & spicy; all in one bowl, depending on your choice of order.

Though it is a very small cafe; with tight spaces & a menu that only provides 4 choices of ramen, Marutama Ramen has got their stock right, proving again that sometimes variety is not the key to success. It’s about getting your signature dishes right.

marutama ramen

Marutama ramen1

My chicken meatball that came with the Aka Ramen (RM22.00). Loosely meaty and nicely seasoned with spices.

Marutama Ramen - Aka ramen meatball

Freshly fried and fragrant garlic slice, freshly roasted sesame seeds and fiery chilly provided. Not entirely necessary as I find the soup flavourful enough, but it is always good to have options no? :yes:

Marutama ramen

Marutama Ramen
Fahrenheit 88, Bukit Bintang
Lot Flr. 27.01, 1st floor
Tel: 03 – 2141 1573

The simple 1 page menu with 4 choices of Ramen and some side dishes. It would be safe to assume that you will order some side dishes with your ramen as the main bowls doesn’t come with much ingredients.

And that is where the price issue comes in. I personally opined that it is pretty pricey, for our bill came up to RM46.20 for 2 bowls of ramen & green tea for 1 (ONE) at RM2.00, inclusive of service tax: 10% service & 5% government. Portions are not big and while it fills you up just nicely, there is definitely room for another bowl even if you are just a medium capacity eater.

marutama ramen menu

marutama ramen menu 1

This was one of those nights that I had craving for noodles. Rare indeed, since I don’t fancy noodles that much. But I’m liking ramen not so much for the noodles per se but more for the soup! Weird right? 😉