Marufuku, Jaya One – slurpilicious, fresh & bouncy udon.’s cheap too!

I’m have never been a fan of noodles though someone is. I think the problem lies with the fact that most noodles dishes tasted generic to me; and that is probably due to the fact that most wan tan mee, hokkien mee, curry mee, kuey teow thng, etc stalls sourced from more or less the same supplier for their business. (Let’s not include the mid/high-end restaurants that makes their own / import their noodles, keeping in the theme of “noodles under RM10”)

Different stalls, different preparations, different ingredients, different taste, yes; but essentially, when you bite into your noodles, it tasted bland & mediocre no? Minus the soup and all that extras?

It took a few trips, but eventually I fell under the “Marufuku spell“.

No no, I won’t say that. But when it rains, when the mood dips, when the tummy calls for something simple to keep the body going, Marufuku offers that simple solace in each bowl.

Nebayaki Udon. (includes a seafood dumpling, 1 prawn tempura, an egg, mushrooms & beancurd skin) RM10.

Marufuku jaya one (1)

marufuku udon jaya one-4

Each bowl differs slightly; may it be the soup base, the toppings or the sauce. But the freshly made, springy & slightly chewy udon remains the star of each bowl.

Curry Udon. RM8.


The all too important egg must be present!! πŸ˜‰ (Add one for RM1).

Marufuku jaya one (8)

Niku (Beef) Udon. RM10. Fish based broth, beef strips & chopped spring onions.

marufuku udon jaya one-3

I swear, it is as good as it looks πŸ˜‰ .

marufuku udon jaya one-5

A Vegetarian?
The Salada Udon (RM8) is one my favourites.
Julienned carrots, Jap cucumber, sliced egg, fried tofu, chopped spring onions & sesame sauce.

marufuku udon jaya one-6

Totally for minimalism?
The House Udon,(RM6), available in both the hot and cold version would fit the bill.

marufuku udon jaya one

Eat it with the freshly made chilli oil or dust some Shichimi for additional flavour if you wish.

marufuku udon jaya one-2

Marufuku jaya one (6)

Located in a corner barely visible from Brussels Beer CafΓ© & right behind Frontera, this no-frills but clean cafΓ© may be utilitarian in interior, but packs a punch for their forte of freshly made udon.

Marufuku jaya one (4)

Marufuku jaya one (3)

Marufuku jaya one (5)

My most recent trip was lunch on a weekday. There were yakitori sticks served canteen-styled for the weekday lunch crowd. Prices ranges about RM2-3 per stick.

marufuku udon jaya one  (1)

A word of caution; these lunch yakitoris were cold as it was on display for a while.

Pickled vege – RM1. Pumpkin – RM1. Chicken leg yakitori – RM2.

marufuku udon jaya one  (2)

Oyster mushroom – RM1. Seafood dumpling – RM1.

marufuku udon jaya one  (3)

On another lunch trip over the weekend, Yakitoris were served as per order & came smoking hot. Needless to say, it tasted much better.


Marufuku jaya one (2)

Marufuku Udon
Blk L, Unit 18,Level G, Phase 1
Jaya One.
Tel: +603 -79576368

Musings: It’s funny isn’t it; with so many restaurants upping the game by offering fancier and fancier menus, yet it is this simple place with the simplest (but it taste good as well, of course) food garners the most favourable reviews all round.
The thing is, (I think) it’s always the simplest things that made us humans happy. Same goes for me. A good meal. A good run. A good partner. A good night’s sleep.
With that, Happy New Year my dear readers. It’s been great knowing & meeting the people I have met in 2010.

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