March 2011: Melaka Trip – Pinkberrys Cendol, Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall

Cerventus, the Malaccan boy himself claims that this is the BEST ABC and Cendol in Melaka. Way better than Jonker St’s or anywhere else, he had said.

pinkberrys chendol malacca-5 copy
I was surprised. Shouldn’t the hawker, coffee shops versions be holding such an accolade? Instead, it’s kiosk in a shopping mall that’s holding the honour. Anyhow, I’m not one to argue with a Malaccan born & bred boy. And since I’m a critical dessert fan myself, I was looking forward to pass my own verdict on his claim.

Cendol is a traditional Malaysian dessert. Put red beans & green pandan flavored jellies in a bowl, top with a scoop of shaved ice, then pour coconut milk and palm sugar syrup over the top.

pinkberrys chendol malacca-1

I love mine with a dollop of durian on top. Here at Pinkberrys, my bowl of durian chendol was a mound of smooth, soft & fine shaven ice drizzled with the sweetest, thick & aromatic palm sugar . The coconut milk was creamy and undiluted. Perfectly flavoured too, not too salty nor sweet.

SAM_9798 copy

There wasn’t a lot of it, but the coconut milk & palm sugar was thick & strong. You won’t get a bowl of watery chendol with lots of coconut milk as the prepartion here is slightly different. The ice was doused with just enough coconut milk for the whole bowl.

There isn’t any tables or chairs provided, so enjoy your icy bowl of dessert sitting by the fountain here.

pinkberrys chendol malacca-4 copy

Prices are reasonable too!

pinkberrys chendol malacca-6 copy

Other than the Chendol, there were the popular fruity “loh”; mango, honeydew and so on.

pinkberrys chendol malacca-10 copy

pinkberrys chendol malacca-9 copy

The honey series with pomelo & the popular herbal jelly.

pinkberrys chendol malacca-8 copy\

This one below reminds me of Snowflake.

pinkberrys chendol malacca-7 copy

The best in Malacca?

pinkberrys chendol malacca-2 copy

Oh hell yes! 😉

Pinkberrys Cendol,
Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall

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