Lim Fried chicken SS2

Lim Fried Chicken SS2 – juicy, crispy and hot!

The famous Lim Fried Chicken is finally less than 15 mins drive away from me.
I think I’ve eaten at the original Lim Fried Chicken once in my lifetime.

Somehow, this “type” of fried chicken doesn’t appeal to me as much as a spiced, fragrant “ayam goreng kunyit” hot off the wok.
I’m not going to mention races but you get what I mean.

Anyhow I was in that area this evening after an errand.
I was hungry, and at the odd hour of 5 pm, there isn’t much choice for a picky eater.

But fried chicken appealed today and the ease of getting a parking space made the decision easy.

There wasn’t much of a crowd because again, it is 5 pm.

But I reckon that odd hours may not be a blessing in some ways.

I got my food in less than 3- 5 minutes after I placed my order. That was a pleasant surprise though a warning bell sounded in my head.

Thankfully the chicken was hot though I have a strong hunch it was refried quickly to heat it up.
Still, it tasted good – the skin was crispy and the flesh juicy. It was a bit salty (only the skin) but do keep in mind that I have low tolerance for salty food so in this aspect I’m speaking for myself.

My only gripe was that both rice and cabbage were cold.
I saved the fried egg for last so I wasn’t sure if it was cold when it was served or it got cold as the meal progressed.

One can argue that in an “economy rice” kind of set up (with dishes displayed in a row) food will be cold anyways. If I were to order dishes and rice at the mamak, the vegetables are cold too.
However, here you order from a menu and there are no food being displayed.

Anyhow that was just my observation.
I’m not saying it is bad, but if I ever revisit, I think lunch time would be a better bet for warmer food.

lim fried chicken ss2 menu

L.F.C. P.J. SS2 (4th Outlet)
No.46, Jalan SS 2/24,
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Operation hour: 10.30am ~ 10pm (Daily)