UPDATE: 31st August 2011 – MUST READ: Another trip & MORE BREADS! :P

Levain Boulangerie

LeVain Boulangerie Patisserie
No. 7 Jalan Delima, Off Jalan Imbi, (right beside Fukuya)
55100 Kuala Lumpur
03 – 2142 6611

Open: 8am to 8pm – DAILY.

A very fussy bread lover, I was most excited when I first heard of this place. Many thanks to Eric for tweeting about it & for the specific directions!

It’s poshy name matches it’s interior. The bungalow that houses LeVain Boulangerie Patisserie is really beautiful, classy and cosy. I love the spaciousness, the high ceilings & aristocratic feel.

Levain Boulangerie1

Inside, families and young couples dined; and every table is occupied. A good sign; for it was lunch time on a Sunday. However, I have expected this place to have attracted more of the expats & well-heeled crowd. Yet I saw only locals; with 90% being Chinese.
Surprising, considering that LeVain Boulangerie’s menu only has bread, buns, pastries, cakes & 3 types of pasta. This got me thinking, people are actually appreciating good breads & even finding it an acceptable alternative for a main meal. :unsure:

LeVain Boulangerie’s unique factor offering is it’s stone oven baked pastries. I didn’t get a chance to see it, and I’m assuming it’s somewhere behind all these electrical ovens.

Levain Boulangerie2

The range and diversity of their breads, pastries, sandwiches and cakes were awesomely impressive. Instead of the boring chicken sausage pizzas, there was olives and chicken crusty thins, Mentaiko (marinated fish roe) Buns in place of bland tuna, Cashew maple replacing common butter honey buns. :yahoo:

Levain Boulangerie cakes

On the “French” side, there were Rye cranberry loaves, 4 kinds of crusty baguettes (multi cereal, rye & etc) , croissants, Ficelle Breads & then there are freshly assembled sandwiches (looking deceptively very Sun Moulin here) with bountiful fillings yet all reasonably priced. :good:

Levain Boulangerie4

Levain Boulangerie sandwiches

Of course, let’s not forget some Malaysian-ised items like Durian Melon buns, fried noodles buns (char kuey in a bun anyone?) :yes: & beef rendang donuts (which was heavenly by the way).

Levain Boulangerie buns

Levain Boulangerie pastries

I almost went berserk, :wacko: loading my tray with almost everything, and putting them back cos I couldn’t decide exactly which I want! :unsure: Everything looked absolutely amazing and obscenely delicious. It didn’t help that I’m a BREAD obssessed freak.

After several rounds of horrific indecisive picking, my tummy growled it’s protest & I finally settled for the Cheese Mango Tart & a French Loaf. Brendan & Jeremy took less than 5 mins each & was already seated with their coffees by the time I got to the table 😉

Levain Boulangerie8

The beef rendang donut was really good, & it helped that we got ours piping hot out of the kitchen. The crisp exterior went wonderfully with it’s savoury insides. The baby chocolate croissants was flaky & buttery as how it should be for RM1.50 each. The crab bun (RM3.60) was utterly forgettable & not recommended for it’s price. My mango cheese tart (RM4.30) was alright, but I certainly hope they could use FRESH mangoes instead of the preserved ones!!!!!

The best was the mashed potato bun, with small cuts of ham inside. :mail: The smooth creamy potatoes were studded with some potato chunks which helped to give it some body & the long sausage roll (RM4.60) was fun to chew on. Even Jeremy’s simple donut & butter roll (RM1.00) was exquisitely yummy.

Levain Boulangerie9

All in all, it was very obvious that the kitchen got it’s TECHNIQUES and ingredients right. All the buns were deliciously fluffy & soft & each bun’s top layer is pleasantly crisp. I do wonder how that’s achieved! The crusty breads were nicely eerrrrr…crusty without being too hard and it’s insides soft & chewy. I personally opined that LeVain Boulangerie one of the best bakeries in town; better than most hotels & comparable to The Loaf!

Oh, we ordered a Dry Beef Curry Pasta too ( RM9.90). Delicious thin angelhair pasta with fragrant curry!

dry beef curry spag

I bought some cakes for take-away (my stash for the week) & BOTH were splendid!!!

My vote goes to this one – Ananas – RM8.00 (Pineapple cream/custard, chocolate with a banana cake layer). (Ananas – pineapple – get it???)

noisette - LeVain Boulangerie

Noisette (RM8.50) – mocha mousse, hazelnut chocolate with crumbly hazelnut “cake” for the bottom layer.

ananas - LeVain Boulangerie

We walked around and took some pictures. I was particularly liked the coffee- making apparatus displayed. There were 2 cabinets full of them.

Levain Boulangerie10

More random pics:

It is Self Service here, so make your choice, you can ask the staff to cut your buns/ breads or slice your loaves to the desired number of slices for each loaf.

choose n cut

Once done, proceed to the cashier for payment. Your bread/cakes/pastry will be placed on plates & you are free to choose your table/seat.

entry cashier

Note: LeVain Boulangerie Patisserie is owned and managed by Beryl’s Chocolate & Confectionery Sdn Bhd.


  1. says

    ok here’s what i’m hoping will happen: their business will get better and better, forcing them to stay open until 10pm at night, so that i can finally come here for dinner! and by then, maybe they’ll at least have alcoholic tiramisu too! 😀

  2. says

    OMG!! I’ve found it! I’ve found it!

    Or, rather: You’ve found it! You’ve found it! Devil’s fave mentaiko buns from our visit to Tokyo. Will make a beeline for this place ASAP.

    Thanks for the discovery, Becky! *much hugs*

  3. says

    looks good! but better than hotels?? really? had a heavenly loaf of multi grain bread from le meridien and this might actually be a dream come true, if there sell this kind of loafs!

  4. says

    becky u everyday eat hou yeh when u wan ajak me?? call me casually lol !! i see ur blog… damn hungry wan lar…
    see this is why i seldom visit 😛 is bad for me… i go hungry ahahhahaha jkjk

  5. says

    That looks like a rather posh place for some bread and coffee. :)
    I think I would have loaded my tray with everything as well …

  6. Paxter says

    Olie crap this is near my office yet I din had a clue this place existed! Thanks for posting this up

  7. Frederick Orvis says

    Hey ..thanks for the review!
    My wife finally got the type of breads she is looking for. Being a french lady, she finds the local bread inedible!

    • says

      LOL! I know exactly what you meant by that!
      Myself finds it hard to get good quality bread here too. And I’m Malaysian!
      Do check out breads by Mrs Mcgregor at BV Village Grocer as well. 😉

    • says

      Hello Monica!
      I’m a bread lover too & its so hard to find gd breads in KL rightttt??
      Well..there are a few others – Bread Shop in damansara, McGregors (she bakes frm home) at Jaya Grocer, The bread -something that is also sold at Jaya Grocer, The loaf (tho expensive..)
      The KT PAstry chain (i usually go to the one at Subang SS15) has nice bread too but not so much European type.
      Atr is the The Bakery Ukay Heights, they got a branch in Hartamas.

  8. Selina says

    Breakfast set served here is fr. 8-11am as stated on the menu card on display. But why is it that they refuse to take my order when they time was 2 – 3 mins before 11am??? The time on my receipt ( after keying in all the items ordered ) was only 10.59am. Does it mean they will NOT take orders 5 – 10 mins before 11am???????

    • says

      Hhmm..Sorry to hear abt that.
      I guess it depends on each restaurant, like u knw, for dinner, last call is 10pm but they do take orders til 9:59pm.
      Maybe here they got a different policy.

  9. d says

    expats & well-heeled crowd. Yet I saw only locals; with 90% being Chinese ?

    chinese not good enough ? must hav expat and others … you hav a sick mind

    • says

      LOL. Not as sick as yours to leave such a remark.
      And for the record, I nvr said anythin abt being good enough or otrwise, jz noting that Chinese now appreciate rustic breads too.

  10. marisa rechenberg says

    Hi Rebecca! Found your post when trying to get their address..just for the record, the name has nothing posh on it: levain (single word, minuscule) is the mother/base yeast when you’re making bread, and it’s a french word :) cheers!

    • says

      What I meant is “le-vain bor- lan -gerieee” is poshy..compared to our Malaysianised – KT bakery, bread story (yawns), Mama bakery.. grace bakery…ST Cake house..

      You get the drift.. B-)

      • marisa rechenberg says

        Hey…I loooove the word ‘roti’ :)) still need to find a good bakery name using roti! xox

  11. Margie says

    I was there once. I supposed as all bakeries, they have loads of good stuff and also probably a fair share of bad stuff too. On my visit, I unfortunately took all the bad stuff. No thanks to the overtly helpful but salesy supervisor who keeps insisting the mango bun and durian buns are GREAT and must try while in actual fact it was really quite sucky. So bad first time experience. Rest of the 5 other breads we took are not to my liking as well, suppose it’s subjective. For breads this price, The Loaf is still my choice.

    • says

      Time for a re-visit fr me.
      I’m more for european/french breads actually, & i get my stash frm hotels, even the Loaf, etc. This is more suited fr frivolous breads + snacks. Great fr time whn i want easy soft bread to munch on.

  12. alexander ng says

    so sorry about your phone call that we din answer.we will try to served.sometime we are too busy to pick upcall.

    • says

      Hey alexander ng,
      Thank you for leaving a comment. Yes, not only on my blog, but i get that a lot from my other friends who goes there. They tried calling but was never able to get to anyone.

  13. @shchubbs says

    Hi rebecca, food n bakery is good as described, reasonably priced. But the overall cleanliness needs more upkeeping. Tables not cleared, cleared also not wiped (chili frm previous aglia olio’s smeared on my elbow at table edge). The only service contact is at the cashier which was also cold~ first thing he asked is table number. If u don’t know (most 1st timer won’t realize it’s self service); he leaves u in a corner n go find ur table number. After which u go back on the long Q :negative: . Peeps, Do note this is a self service at counter.. Take ur table number 1st b4 Q-ing!

    • says

      Yes yes agree on that! But you see, the problem with such popular places is that – service can’t keep up with business. Even the quality has gone down from previously – when they first opened.

  14. L'VIN says

    I’m from KK. Been to Le Vain by taxi. Tried the Beff Terriyaki Bougette & cuppucino. Fantastic!!! Be going there again this coming Dec’11. Is there any other silimar place like Le Vain within Bukit Bintang? What do you think of The Loaf and also Tokyo Street in Pavillion?

  15. Adeline chan says

    Levain service is a big disappointment. Was there with family members on Sunday morning. Wanted to order breakfast set. Cashier said not available since it was 10.40am. Requested hot meals,cashier said have to wait till 11am. I told cashier to take our order since it is 20 minutes later she said sorry I cannot take order. System cannot register. What a reason and how business is conducted. I ordered latte, breakfast tea & two more orders from family members. Our latte was served at 11.20 am after paying at 10.37am. This is only after two reminders at the drinks preparation managed by a lady. 1st time approaching her after 30 minutes of waiting. She said “we only got 1 machine for making. Just wait” I got back to my seat upset and waited another 15 minutes and approached same lady and another young chap that I want to see manager why our drinks take so long to be serve. The young chap looked stunned. I told the lady you having 1 machine is not my problem, I am your customer you cannot tell me my drunks is delay becos of this. Levain management should look into this. When the drinks came later hot chocolate taste terrible. Latte absolutely below STD and tea I just cannot find a good reason why it take so long to put a tea bag with hot water and serve. Some shops would have serve 50 tea cups given the time. What is annoying is between breakfast and hot meals 11am time the staff can push customer away by saying just eat bread and drink. Is it so difficult to take customer order manually first rather than the unpleasant approach. I find paying rm100 in breads for family breakfast deserve better service. I vowed this would be the last time I walked into the restaurant after been a customer for sometime now. Rating: service bad and drinks shortchanged. This is the feedback I can provide to levian management, no action taken can only result in more dissatisfied customers. Always remember this is a restaurant. When service fails, rest follows!

    • says

      Oh my Adeline. Well, I can say that I’m not surprised. The biz is really good and the staff did come across as very blank and aloof at times. Sigh, It’s so sad that a place like this which has so much business yet remained popular though they continuously serve subpar food and even worse, service is ever horrifying!

  16. says

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