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A lot was said about the 4G standard, with some die-hard techies pushing to make their point heard about YTL Comms being misleading and misusing the 4G moniker.

I’m not going into that; for as a consumer, I seriously don’t give a s**t what they call it. Give me SPEEDY, ZIPPY & RELIABLE connection & I’m happy. Even better if all of that comes with reasonable rates.

The rates were finally revealed yesterday. Just as mentioned in the soft launch HERE , there is no plan, no monthly commitments. YES is SIM-less & it is Pay-As-You-Use.

YES 4G YTL (17)

9 cents – 3MB
3 cents – 1MB
RM30.00 – 1G

Cheap? Expensive? You decide.

The current offer is RM99 for the Go Dongle and it comes with RM10 free credit for 10 months.

The Huddle – a 4G Mobile Hotspot, shareable for up to 4 surfers at any one time is RM399 (device only) or RM1199 for device & FREE Rm1200 credit. Interest -free instalment plan is available at RM50 for 24 months. With the instalment plan,Ā  it helps making it affordable for most of us, just as YTL Comms promised.

YES 4G YTL (15)

More details on the devices:

YES 4G YTL (18)

The actual device: The Go USB Dongle, that came in our goody bags yesterday. Thanks YTL Comms! šŸ˜‰

YES 4G YTL (8)

YES 4G YTL (11)

Very small, very light.

YES 4G YTL (9)

YES 4G YTL (10)

The buzz entry level 4G mobile phone by YTL and the Zoom, the 4G Gateway will be available from next month onwards.

YES 4G YTL (16)


YES 4G YTL (1)

The launch event at JW Marriot yesterday. The ballroom was packed!

YES 4G YTL (2)

YES 4G YTL (3)

The charismatic Wing, CEO of YTL Comm on stage.

YES 4G YTL (5)

The event was officiated by the Deputy Prime Minister, YAB Tan Sri Dato’ Hj. Muhiyiddin.

YES 4G YTL (4)

There was a demo where the Deputy Prime Minister placed a call over to London using his YES ID.

YES 4G YTL (7)

YES 4G YTL (6)

The YES flagship store at Lot 10.

YES 4G YTL (13)

The CUBE at the entrance of Lot 10.

YES 4G YTL (12)

I can’t wait to try out the so-claimed extremely zippy connection myself. I would definitely share my experience using YES once I get my Go dongle. šŸ˜‰

Thank you to YTL Comms for the invite!

YES 4G YTL (14)

For now, Congrats to YTL Communications for the launch of its “YES 4GNetwork” !!

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