Land Rover Malaysia, best known for its 4X4, has relocated its flagship 3S centre from Section 13 to a spanking new outlet in Jalan 219, Petaling Jaya. 2 more showrooms in Johor and Penang are in the works as well.

A wide-angle view of the frontage of the new Land Rover Flagship Facility

Obviously the new 44,000 sq ft facility, which is situated along the Federal Highway, and beside other prominent car brands’ showrooms is expected to significantly enhance the brand’s visibility and market presence.

The new Land Rover Flagship Facility in Petaling Jaya

The RM2.5 million facility is equipped with a spacious showroom & displays the complete range of Land Rover/Range Rover products.

A Defender Stationwagon (L) and Freelander 2 on display in the Land Rover section of the new showroom

Six models are on display, with clear distinction of the Range Rover and Land Rover lines.
Land Rover:
The Defender, the Freelander and the Discovery
Range Rover:
The Range Rover Sport and the Evoque

Below: The super sexy Evoque! 

(From Front) The new Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover and Range Rover Sport on display at the Range Rover section

This particular model has been a game-changer for Land Rover, a breakthrough product that appeals to those who have never considered a Land Rover, Range Rover or SUV before.

land rover malaysia - range rover evoque-3

For example that would be someone like me, who thinks all Land Rovers are equivalent to TANKS!

land rover malaysia - range rover evoque

Launched in May 2011, Land Rover Malaysia has received approximately 1,000 orders for the Evoque and the waiting list is about 1 YEAR! Amazing, who waits 1 YEAR for a car??

But it must be worth the wait.

For the Evoque is one enticing beast; a powerful combination of luxury and capability.

land rover malaysia - range rover evoque-15

land rover malaysia - range rover evoque-10

land rover malaysia - new facility launch-1

land rover malaysia - new facility launch-2

A super premium SUV that murmurs prestige, dynamism and sportiness.

land rover malaysia - range rover evoque-5

land rover malaysia - range rover evoque-8

land rover malaysia - range rover evoque-7

The Evoque may look small from the outside, but it is surprisingly very roomy in the interior. Everything inside is classy, with a feel of muted indulgence and quality.

land rover malaysia - range rover evoque-9

land rover malaysia - range rover evoque-1

land rover malaysia - range rover evoque-13

land rover malaysia - range rover evoque-6

land rover malaysia - range rover evoque-12

land rover malaysia - new facility launch-4

land rover malaysia - range rover evoque-4

Well, more on its actual performance if I do get to test drive one. For now, looks alone is enough to set my heart racing. :DD

But then what do you expect from a vehicle whose interior design (the special edition one at least) was given a hand by Posh Spice, Ms Victoria Beckham herself?
Yes, Ms Posh is officially a creative design executive working with Land Rover. She also helped create the Evoque’s interiors
Read more

Price? Expect to fork out approximately RM350 ,000 – RM360,000 (OTR) for this exclusive beast. Now, where’s my sugar daddy?? 😉

Also, in an effort to provide a more premium, personalised service to its customers, LRM has introduced a “Service While You Sleep” amenity, which enables owners to come in after work and leave their vehicles overnight for routine service and collect them the next morning.
Great idea right?

land rover malaysia - new facility launch

The new Land Rover Flagship Facility's service centre has 15 bays equipped with hoists

I never thought I’ll like to drive a Land Rover vehicle, but the Range Rover Evoque would be my first! :)


  1. says

    OMG! if i buy this range rover, i’ll have to end up sleeping in it too! cos i’ll have to sell my home to be able to afford it 😀

  2. says

    My hub never trust to leaving his car behind for service. He’ll always stay around until service is over and drive it home. Don’t ask me why… o.O

  3. says

    As mentioned, my husband just booked his. It’s a MINIMUM one year wait. He’s getting the 5 door petrol one, not coupe.
    The one we saw at the showroom had black leather seats and trimmings with beige stitching. So the gorgeous. A bit pricey – but it IS a beautiful car!

  4. says

    1 year? Wow… but the design is very nice, I’m kinda attracted to it, and it’s strange cause i dont usually like big cars or 4 wheels.

    • says

      Hahah… I agree! Like the beautiful dress that you buy but kept it hanging in the closet!
      But heck, these people who booked these sexy beast probably got monies to burn! 😛

  5. Marcus says

    what i want? anything in this showroom. except for those dudes behind the table there. and the guy peering into the car cavity. and the little lady that is sitting in the car. other than that. anything.
    cool the cars gearshift. raises out of the panel like a boner lol

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