La Bibliotheque, Avenue K – excited for alcoholic cakes but ended up…


Yup, disappointed.

Disclaimer: I’m particular with my desserts so do take my reviews with a pinch of salt & more often than not; you might want to deduct perhaps 30% off the overall rating. Hahaha.

Anyhow, this place has been in my radar for while now. Cakes are always my TOP priority from my “new places or food-to-try list. The list gets longer each day, and some places eventually forgotten; but never for cakes!

So even though the location was inconvenient (all the way in KL) & the venue less than ideal (in a club!) I planned, plotted, scheduled my time with some friends & finally after 2 weeks, stood happily in front of the cakes chiller one hot evening at La Bibliotheque, Avenue K.

Cakes @ La Bibliotheque, Avenue K-01

There were only 3 cakes available that night; much to my chagrin, but at least we didn’t make a trip all the way there to find out that there’s only one type of cake available!

Yugamisu. RM14++.
Tiramisu sponge cake brushed with coffee syrup & layered with mascarpone cheese & grated chocolate. Top coated with almond praline.
We barely tasted any alcohol, and the staff here is totally “blank” when we tried to ask about the alcohol content. So we made our own deductions, and I thought I detected some faint coffee liquer. One thing’s certain, everyone liked this one cos of the nuts!

Overall? It was a good cake but it’s not a good tiramisu.

Cakes @ La Bibliotheque, Avenue K-06

3 Layer Chocolate Mousse (white, milk & dark). RM14++.
This is basically layers of cream with chocolate sponge. One positive note about the cakes here is that they were all very well balanced in terms of richness & sugar levels.
None were cloyingly sweet, even for this creamy one, since each layer was light & smooth but with ample chocolate flavour.
In any case, I enjoyed the taste of having 3 different chocolate cream all at once in each forkful of cake but that interest waned after the 3rd helping. :P

Cakes @ La Bibliotheque, Avenue K-03

And I have to say the cut of each slice doesn’t quite justify the price. Each cake we ordered came in irregular triangular sizes and all were very “slim“!

Cakes @ La Bibliotheque, Avenue K-02

Black Forest. RM12++.
Though all the cakes were mediocre, this one fared slightly better for me. I could taste a faint flavour of red wine amidst the sponges & cream.

Cakes @ La Bibliotheque, Avenue K-05

Conclusion: Fresh & nice cakes but not exceptional. Sightly overpriced for the size. If the cakes were meant to have alcohol, then it’s certainly a let-down. The baker needs to up the alcohol level by at least another 100%!

La Bibliotheque (previously Quattro)
Avenue K, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.
Cakes @ La Bibliotheque, Avenue K-04

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