KL by Air – offering private flights over KL skies by Reuben Lim

In continuation from my previous post …we are now off ground & flying over KL!

KL by air - city

Now, why, you may ask, would anyone be interested to fly over KL skies & pay RM600 for it?
Well, I dunno.. …how about the view?Β  The plane flew at approximately 1500 feet above sea level. Everything is clear & so much closer…

KL by air - KLCC

KL by air - the city

You will see parts of Selangor & KL that you never knew existed.
Or maybe it’s just me? I mean, can anyone tell that this is in KL?? I thought it looked like a scene out from a movie, you know the usual scene where the heroes are saved & helicopter-ed out of some danger zone? This is normally what they see when they looked down…

KL by air - mountains

I wonder which lake this is…

KL by air - lake-1

You see sad things too, like a beautiful green hill being reduced to this…

KL by air - caves

Anyone recognise this place? It’s Ampang Look Out Point!

KL by air - ampang lookout point

Someone in the plane was fasting for Ramadan, and said this reminded him of broccoli! LOL.

KL by air  - forest

Oh, our flight wasn’t just about admiring sceneries…

We nearly puked our guts out after being turned NEARLY upside down in the small craft!!

And you will get to learn a lot about a plane. Reuben literally answers all the queries that you may have. He is currently at his last stage of certification and will be qualified to give flying lessons soon!

KL by air - reuben lim

The wheels of the aircraft is small, isnt’ it? I’m just not used to seeing such small wheels on a plane…

KL by air - wheels

..even if it is a small planeΒ  πŸ˜‰

KL by air - front view plane

KL by air - reuben - plane

The front seats only the pilot and a co-pilot, if any. Lucky me got to sit in front that day & Reuben allowed me try piloting the plane for a while (with him still controlling the wheel of course!). It’s pretty simple, turn the wheel left or right just like how you would to your car steering wheel to change the plane’s directions. Pull the wheel towards you to fly UP and push it forward back to it’s original position to nosedive.Β  πŸ˜‰

KL by air - plane seats

The back seats another 2 person, preferably slim ones. LOL.

KL by air - passenger seats

Because it is a small plane, the noise is not as well insulated, hence the need for the “earphones”.

KL by air - headphones

Seat belts are a must of course. All safety precautions are adhered to strictly. To those who tweeted/emailed me about bringing pets, etc; sorry, it’s a no -no as there are no proper harness for your non-human friends.

reuben air - buckle up

The plane is checked thoroughly before each take-off. You are in safe capable hands with Reuben!

KL by air - reuben check

Isn’t this cool! ? I flew on many flights before for trips, but we don’t get to be upclose with the cockpit! For the 1st time, I could run my fingers over the knobs, steer the wheel & push a few buttons here & there!

KL by air - cockpit

Heck, each flight takes 3 pax so it’s only RM200/pax for the whole trip if you share a trip with your friends. This would actually be a good idea for Valentines Day, or as a birthday gift for some special, even for Father’s Day, etc.

You can choose from Cessna 172 – RM600 per hour all inclusive (Depart from Sg Besi Air Base or Subang Airport) or the Cirrus SR20 – RM1000 per hour all inclusive (Depart from Subang Airport only).

Aerobatic acts thrown in for free! πŸ˜‰

The TUDM base where we took our private flight last Sunday.

KL by air - TUDM sg besi

For more information, check out their FACEBOOK: KL by Air .

Royal Selangor Flying Club at TUDM, besides the Sg Besi highway.
Directions here:http://www.rsfc.com.my/location.html

Burning questions? Email: Reuben Lim at [email protected]

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