Kam Heong Duck – PJ Old Town – nite only

Come night time, this particular coffee shop which is famous for it’s Penang Hokkien Mee and Wan Tan Mee in the mornings is taken over by ONE stall – the Kam Heong Braised Duck. Do not expect roast ducks here, for they only sell the braised version with it’s carbo companions rice or porridge, & both best eaten with generous spoonfuls of flavoursome duck broth mixed in.

Open from 5pm onwards, this place fills up easily, and the crowd spills over to the side, front and it’s neighbouring shop’s walkway.

Duck - Kam Heong PJ1

While duck meat are generally expensive, our meal for 2 cost us only RM8!

We had a serving of tender, slightly gamey but tasty duck meat, with a plate of aromatic rice, which I liked since it was not too oily or clumpy plus the porridge which was,.. well..porridge (I’m not a fan πŸ˜‰ ).
I despise salted vegetables but I loved Kam Heong’s. It didn’t taste like salted vegetables at all! (which explains my zest πŸ˜€Β  ). Plus point was the bits of lard mixed in. The gizzards & liver has soaked in the flavours imparted by the duck broth.Β  Even the chilli was worthy of mention, none of the sissified mix but with a bit of spicy kick.
All in all, it’s the perfect accompaniment to the rice & duck.

Duck - Kam Heong PJ3

I wish we had stomach space for this, the instestines. It looked really good! All of the innards were bathed in hot duck broth prior to serving. Seriously, the gravy is the bomb. Feel free to pour copious amount of it over your rice or porridge. It has the the perfect blend of spices that lends to its aroma and taste.

Duck - Kam Heong PJ2

The braised mushrooms was another popular choice on the tables.

mushroom, etc

Huge numbers of pots of rice and porridges were sold each night.

the carbs

Not to mention the number of ducks. These fellows were stationed there the whole evening and I only see them chopping ducks. They did not even look up, much less take orders or even prepare the side dishes for serving. Only chop chop chop chop chop…

Duck - Kam Heong PJ

Kam Heong is seriously a good option for dinner. Service, though efficient, can still be erratic. Be prepared to wait a while since business is brisk.

kam heong duck

Time: 5pm to 10pm
Phone: – refer above name card.
Address: 8, Jalan Tengah, Off Jalan Yong Shook Lin, Petaling Jaya New Town (the corner next to the UOB Bank)

GPS: 3.099378, 101.644478

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